The next step

Last March, I accepted a residency position. At the time, I was still a few months away from finishing my dissertation research. I knew I’d have to push it really hard in order to make the Summer graduation deadlines here at UF. I’m sure that other schools have the same situation, where the submission deadlines are ridiculously early in the semester. In fact, I’ve heard of people who plan on graduating in May finalizing their research in December.

A little bit about residencies in medical physics: Most programs accept applications until mid-November or December 1st. Then the first round of interviews are in January or February. Then the first Saturday of March, all the program directors call up their top choices and give them until Monday for yes or no. It’s basically the nerdy version of National Signing Day.

I was a little nervous because my start date was a hard July 1st (no negotiating). The big push was on. I’ve spent many long hours at the hospital to use their equipment. Those first two years, I worked my tail off to get all my research done in the past couple of years – but the last couple months were not anything like I expected. It was just a lot of frantic writing.

Well it all culminated today, when I defended my dissertation. So I am now a doctor! Not the “real” kind like some people say, but it’s still something..  Now all I have to do is meet all these formatting requirements, do some minor revisions, and I’ll be all done. The hardest part is over. I just have to be cognizant of submission deadlines.

As I take the next step in my life, I decided I need to be better at remember things. I want something I can look back on later (probably to laugh at). I regret not starting a blog earlier other than that LiveJournal account I got in 7th grade. So hopefully I can keep this up to date, so that everyone can stay updated on my wonderful life!



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