The story of Hot Plane Chick (part 2)

Ok from hot-plane-chick part 1, we fast forward to last week (May 29). She’s been in the back of my mind for the last few weeks so I decided to send her something a little more aggressive. You know it’s serious when it starts with the phrase “I know this might sound be crazy, but..” and contains the phrase “Well I figured I have nothing to lose so..”

So I told her all about how I really enjoyed talking with her and it really stuck in my mind how quickly we were able to have such an engaging conversation. She (somehow) didn’t think it was crazy and we began a quick catch-up conversation on everything that’s changed in only a few weeks. Turns out she returned from Europe early. For those that didn’t read the previous entry, hot-plane-chick is an RN. She’s a CRNA to be specific, which for those non-medical folks, is a nurse anesthetist.

Basically she knocks people out and monitors them during surgical operations. People generally agree that this is the highest paying and most competitive nursing specialty. So at first I was confused why she might want to go to eventually go back to school. So she explained that she wanted to be the one who was operating and her current job (which is insanely difficult) was not challenging her as much as she thought it should. I cannot believe how much ambition and drive she has. It’s a huge bonus in attractiveness, for me at least.

Ok, got a little sidetracked. She’s back in the US. That means that I can talk to her without spending my monthly salary on my phone bill. So I get her phone number over Facebook. I excitedly called her. And it was amazing: no awkwardness, just kept talking like we’d known each other for years.

We begin to talk about what the future holds. She even suggested that she could visit me before the end of the summer. I was excited about that idea but warned her that my schedule was a little hectic in the next couple of weeks. I knew I had to move in the next few weeks in order to start my residency on July 1. So that ruled out a Florida trip unless she wanted to come in the next week or something outrageous like that.

While we were talking, I told her about how I was getting stressed about moving to Providence because I had to make all these arrangements in terms of getting everything up there. Well, on Thursday night, she mentioned in passing how much she like road trips. So on Friday, I call her up and do another “I know this might sound crazy but..” (I mean, it worked the first time, right?) and ask her to ride with me to RI. This would mean 4-6 days hanging out together and seeing the East Coast together. So I ask.

To my surprise, she excitedly agrees on the condition that she can get vacation time. So I am cautiously optimistic about this. I am pessimistically thinking that she’ll use work as a cop-out. I mean, if you think about it, the whole idea really is crazy! She texts me later that afternoon and as I hold my breath I excitedly read that she can go and everything’s all set. Not only that, but she managed to get Thursday and Friday off of work.

So now my road trip with hot plane chick is all set. I am going to get the moving truck on June 14, drive to Savannah to visit Brink. And then the next day leave for Chattanooga to get her. So far, I’ve broken down the trip into 5 days, so it’s only about 4 hours of driving every day. We are planning on spending a night in North Carolina, Virginia Beach/Newport News, DC, and maybe New York – probably going to drive straight through to Providence.


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