Electronic harmony?

So I’m about to go on a rant. Just warning you.

Just saw another commercial for E-harmony. The other day I saw one for match.com. All these websites do is trumpet their wild success rates by boasting the most ridiculous testimonials. Their stock commercial has “actual users” splayed across it, with a smiling couple looking like they’re ready to burst into song about their instant spark, upcoming marriage and certainly a few bundles of joy down the road (!). Yay.

I’ll just come out and say it. Online dating is a big sham. True love does not come from matching people based upon a personality test and putting you together based on the level of compatibility you have by numbers. Look, I was an engineer, so I appreciate the beauty of numbers. But numbers belong in my Ti-89, where they are represented by an electronic charge on a piece of Silicon.

Let me also say, before I get too far into this that I have nothing against online dating: three of my really good friends are trying it. But I, myself, am a hard-core romantic and believe that you do not meet someone online. We still live in the same world our parents did. And don’t argue, “Well look at how online dating turned out” until we see what percentage of these freaking number-obeying-cyborgs who got matched up by numbers end up staying together.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think there are plenty of great connections made on these dating sites. But true love? No. I think the sites match up compatible people, but true love? No. Mario and Luigi were compatible. They were a great twosome, but they’re not in love (Well, that’s debatable I guess. Bad example). But what people have to learn is that there’s a difference between true love and compatibility.

You meet someone by going out and being active. You never know when you’re going to meet someone.You can’t just sequester yourself with a group and get comfortable, hoping for your dream girl to come and ask you to sweep her off her feet. Go out and do something about it!

Oh by the way, you can blame this rant on Google, which posted an ad for J-Date in my recommended links. Also, the only reason I know about that website is because I went to Michigan, where a good portion of my friends were Jewish.


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