Why is there a 15 year old in my chem lecture?

I just ordered my first set of business cards ever. I feel so professional and can’t wait to hand them out. If you want one, let me know. I feel like this is the equivalent of senior pictures in high school. In my high school, everyone got senior pictures done and then passed them out to their friends. Also, I’m excited to use these to win prizes at those business card raffles. I’m realistically hoping to win a boat. I figure if I enter enough of them, it’s gotta happen, right?.

Anyhow, I told my friend I was excited about my first set of business.cards and he was utterly shocked. He curtly informed me that he’s had them since he was in middle school when he apparently had a small landscaping (aka. lawn-mowing) company. So that brings me to my topic of the week: people start growing up way too early.

I feel like people are starting things way too early. When I was 13, we used to play Goldeneye for hours on the N64 (also the innovative rumble-pack for Star Fox). And we were just dabbling into sports – trying to figure out what we were good at. Now, kids are getting thrown in triathlons in middle school. Literally. Like, a few of my friends did a decently long triathlon two weekends ago and there was a group of parents screaming at their kids in their version of motivation. Those kids shouldn’t even be using the $5,000 bikes they had because 1) the gearing ratio was so high that it ruins their knees because the cartilage in the patella region has not been fully developed yet and 2) the most expensive thing a kid should have is a Playstation 3.

Listen, I want to start my future kids to start sports at an early age. And believe me, I want a future NFL/NBA/NHL child to support me into a cushy retirement as much as anyone else. But there’s a limit. If you think I’m bad for wanting my future kid to support my raffle–boat (it’s gonna happen) expenses: I have a friend who wants ten children, each with a different profession ranging from chef to mechanic to doctor so they will do everything for him. I’m not sure if he’s joking yet.

Anyways, this rant stems from UF Preview where prospective students come and ask questions. But they end up being drowned out by their parents asking the questions. So I saw a kid who looked like he was 10. I asked him how old he was and he told me, “Oh I’m 15 but I skipped a couple of grades and also started early.”

Does anyone think that a kid entering college at 15 will turn out well? (or a NINE year old doing anything with polynomials?) Even if he doesn’t die from binge-drinking, he will most likely just be outcast as that nerd who isn’t even old enough to drive. It takes a lot of time and (sometimes painful) learning experiences to develop into an independent adult who contributes to society. I strongly believe that the teen years should be spent on learning geometry, having sleepovers, playing music, and doing sports. Not enrolling in college.

These days, most kids have their entire self-esteem wrapped up in girl/boyfriend drama (probably from online dating), pressure to do well in school, and where they’re getting their next case of beer. The dating-drama and the drinking-in-high-school things, yeah, they’ve always been around, but this early-onset pressure is new and I don’t like it.

Unless it will somehow help my odds of winning and/or paying for my raffle-boat.



4 thoughts on “Why is there a 15 year old in my chem lecture?

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