Ginnie Springs

I floated at Ginnie Springs today with Yayo and TI. It was amazing. For those of you who are not Southerners, I feel like they’re really onto something. Floating is basically where you grab an inner tube, a beer (or 20), and a few friends (or 20), find a slow-flowing river, and just bask in the sun all day. Also, you should “mug” it up (see for better examples).

I consider myself an expert floater even though I’ve only gone a few times. I have 4 inner tubes and another raft-boat. The raft-boat is a beer boat. It can fit about 3 small coolers or 2 of those huge ones. So basically, you get in your inner tube and then we have rope which we tie yourself to the beer boat (I feel like it’s almost a beer-umbilical cord or something).

Like I said, I’ve only gone a few times, but the first time I went was with Stu. And I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was making some very fond memories of that day. We joke about it now as his bachelor party – he’s not Mormon (Yes Randy, I am making fun of your religion), he just ended up getting married so fast he didn’t have time to plan StripperFest 2010.

Today, I went with two really good friends. We made memories that’ll last a lifetime. I’m glad I set aside some time to hang out with my buddies to just relax, bask in the sun, and talk.

Well that’s when TI wasn’t being absolutely terrified of being eaten by an alligator.

In 60 degree fresh-water.
Heavily populated by people.
With not even fish that live in it.

Also TI seemed to think that by sitting in the beer raft versus inner tube, it would completely protect him (“Bro, the gator’ll eat you first”).

Other than the potential gator-attack I can guarantee we were all content. I’d be willing to bet volcano tacos on it (long story for a different day).

It’s pretty silly when you stop and think about being content. I will look fondly on that day yet we basically do the same thing at other times. I mean, we get together and drink 5-7 days a week anyways and I won’t remember THOSE nights forever.

Then again I don’t really remember those nights at all because I was probably black-out. Hey at least I wasn’t bleeding and/or jump-roping using a karate belt (long story for a different day).



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