Will Muschamp face

The University of Florida’s has recently received many accolades for its football program. For example, while I was at UF, they won an SEC title, a national championship, and had a Heisman trophy winner. The year before I got there, they also won a national championship. However, this past year, the coach (Urban Meyer) decided to retire. Now, something you’ve got to understand is that Urban Meyer is relatively young and he’s gotten a lot done with a ridiculous win percentage. In fact, his winning percentage through the conclusion of the 2009 season (.842) was the highest among all active coaches with a minimum of five full seasons at a Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) program.

Off-topic a little bit. Anyways, Urban Meyer decided to retire and they replace him with Will Muschamp, who was anointed the “head-coach-in-waiting” at Texas, once Mack Brown retired. Muschamp has been known for his defenses and supposedly he really lays into his players. Apparently he’s a real stickler and gets into everyone’s faces and yells at them, drill sergeant style. This fiery stature is best portrayed in the UF’s football poster.


It’s not like UF doesn’t have the budget to have another (or 20) picture. Was this really the best one that they could find? I mean, he looks confused, anxious, angry, and constipated all at the same time. Honestly, if you think about displaying 5 emotions at once, that’s kind of impressive.

Anyways, some of my friends have really taken to making the Muschamp-face. And, last night, it culminated in a battle. So here are the contenders.  

From left to right: Alan, Teriyaki, Scary, Ben, (and Jackie too). Email me, I’d love to hear your opinions and/or votes!


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