Closed containers

Disclaimer: all posts tagged as road trip were not written at the time of posting. They have been artificially back-dated and have been recreated.

Today I left Savannah Chris’s (amazing) house. It was great of him to host me for the night & as always he was a gracious and fun host. I had a ton of fun. We spent the night at a swanky bar housed on the top floor of a swanky hotel. We each only had a couple of (surprisingly reasonably priced) drinks and got a spectacular view of the river.

Savannah has some pretty eclectic municipality thumbs-ups. First they have these haunted rides you can go on where they drive a converted-hearse around to the cemeteries and encourage you to bring drinks. I’ve gotta try it but I’m afraid I might crap myself.

Secondly, Savannah is great and unique because they do not have open-container laws. In other words, you can be walking around with a solo cup with beer/liquor/gasoline in it without fear of retribution. I highly recommend it. It is definitely an experience and it went against everything I learned at school. Aka run when the cops come to the house party especially when you’re not of age.

So that brings me to my story of the day: underage drinking.

I remember we had a house party at 541 S. Division (where we had managed to house 7 dudes in what was legitimately – and sanitarily – a 2.5 bedroom house. Maybe 3 if all were midgets). Anyways we had the cops come to the house and I remember Mark just sprinting out the fire escape and hiding out for literally 5 hours. He was so paranoid of getting a DUI or any blemish which would prevent him from going to medical school.

It was hilarious. Let me explain: Mark had this bedroom on the 2nd floor of our mansion which had this makeshift rickety old wooden fire escape attached to his window. It was basically a ramp.

After he saw the cops strolling over, he dropped/threw his cup on the carpet, and he sprinted up the stairs. Well it was more like he bounded up the stairs 2 at a time. I think he could’ve given Usain a legit run for the money. Maybe we should motivate our gymnast children like that to counteract China’s stranglehold on “16-year old” Olympians.

Anyways he squeezes himself through the window and trips/falls out the window. He runs and hides, initially in the bushes. But then he realizes his “vulnerability” and starts running towards campus where I guess he figured he could hide.

The great part was is that the cops just came and said to quiet down. They were warning us of a noise complaint not even checking for under-agers or open containers.

Oh by the way, Mark did make it into medical school and will be graduating next year.



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