Disclaimer: all posts tagged as road trip were not written at the time of posting. They have been artificially back-dated and have been recreated.

Today Hot plane chick and I went to the Biltmore Estates. We got into Asheville, NC around 4:00 AM. It was quite the drive because we decided to explore a little bit of Chattanooga before we left. In fact, we got there so late that they had cancelled the reservation thinking we were a no-show.

Anyways, we got up around noon and drove about 10 minutes to Biltmore. Along the way, we got breakfeast at this quaint little family-owned birdhouse shop slash diner. As I found out quickly, HPC must be fed at regular intervals throughout the day.

Let me just say that the Biltmore estate is ridiculous: we drove for about 20 minutes on the property to get to the mansion. The property overall is literally 8,000 acres with the actual mansion taking up 175,000 square feet, composed of over 250 rooms (use the people in the picture for size-perspective). We got some great pictures on the meticulously manicured lawn as well.

The entire place was very romantic. In fact, I believe this is the place that Dan proposed to Laura. Anyways, we had a ton of fun. It was amazing how huge the estate was, and there was a well-worn tour path of most of the mansion. It took us about 90 minutes to get through the entire thing – and we were maintaining a brisk pace because I was preventing her from stealing flags (long story for a different day).

And after the tour, we drove about a mile to the winery. That’s when it got real. You see, we got a free wine tasting with the tour ticket. So obviously we’re not going to pass that up. So we start downing the white wine because she can’t drink red wine without getting sick. Let’s just say that she had a “good” time and leave it at that. Here’s a picture of her wine-list comments. Definitely worth clicking into it for a larger view.

And here’s an after-wine-tasting picture of her with “her” pole.

I think she’s a little too good with the pole to be normal..



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