Disclaimer: all posts tagged as road trip were not written at the time of posting. They have been artificially back-dated and have been recreated.

As all of my friends can attest, I have always loved penguins. I mean, I even have a stuffed penguin based on the Madagascar penguin who I sleep with every night. This was given to me by my sister back in 2005, so as you can imagine he’s pretty old and wrinkly. Accordingly, I have avoided any aquariums that do not have penguins. Contrary to popular belief, It is not hard to have a penguin exhibit. You don’t need a refrigerator. I mean, there are penguins in the NYC zoo (as seen from this picture I took the last time I was there).Anyhow, Hot Plane Chick decided that she wanted to see the aquarium located in Virginia Beach. Only a few days ago, we had walked by the Chattanooga Aquarium, which looked amazing from the outside – complete with flooded stairs illuminated from the bottom! Regardless, she had mentioned how much she loved aquariums in passing. There are a lot of other things she talked about off-handed, but the way she talked about aquariums was a little different.

So like I said, I was wary of visiting a penguin-less aquarium. But from the moment we got there, we had an absolute blast. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is in the area. I don’t even know where to begin, but I think this picture sums up the fun we had pretty well.

And at the gift shop..

If you think that’s bad, you should have seen her impressions of the puffer fish and her idea of what a shark attack would look like! I have some funny videos of her imitating an opossum as well, if you’re interested.

Anyways, if you’re lucky enough to be the next guy dating HPC, trust me, you want to take her to an aquarium or do any of these other things. However, do not take her to the National Aquarium in DC (long story for a different day). In summary, the National Aquarium was absolutely terrible. There’s a good reason why I’d never even heard of it – it seems like they are so poor that I swear I saw the manager walking down the road kicking a can. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Moving.”




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