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Last week, I went to the Endzone, a new college restaurant/bar in Gainesville. It’s basically a more-spirited version of the infamous Swamp. I think Swamp is great and it’s gotten what I consider undeserved acclaim from Playboy and Sports Illustrated. However, recently it’s become too fratty for me. This seems to happen to bars I like such as the Slammer (aka 101 Cantina).

Anyways they had this eating challenge at Endzone. If you know me at all you know I eat like a snake: one giant meal of l,800 to 2,200 calories once a day which gets digested slowly by my body. And if you know me at all you know I turn everything into a competition. So naturally, Amy goads me into trying it. It was a 2 lb burger with fries and onion rings, but I managed to finish it.

I think I could’ve done another one-half lb to one lb but I would’ve probably gotten sick. Anyways, I start thinking about how I’m going to burn off 3,000 calories which brings me to my story of the day: laziness.

I’m using this story more as a springboard than anything because the laziness I’m about to talk about has more to do with academic- or work-related laziness. This is a rant about people who can’t pull their weight in work.

I definitely would describe myself as somewhat lazy. For example, I slept until 4 pm yesterday but that’s because we checked into the hotel at 3:30 am. Although I technically didn’t sleep straight through because I had to repark the truck and I got breakfeast for this pretty lady..

But there’s a limit as to how much apathy I can have. I really can’t just sit around not doing anything every day. I’d make the analogy to Summer Break in elementary school or even holiday breaks in college. The first few days are amazing, you are telling yourself you deserve it and you aren’t going to do anything every again. Then after a few days.. Wham! You start getting restless and bored and just have nothing to do.

In undergrad, the consequences of laziness showed up pretty fast. After that first midterm you shaped up pretty quick and started actually studying. So 6 to 10 weeks, max. I think that this is a bigger lesson after undergrad. In grad/med/law/business school or employment or whatever, you are expected to do something. But now instead of having lots of little deadlines in the form of quizzes or midterms you just have an objective. Sure you might give progress reports but people can tell if you’ve been putting in the time and also laziness until (and only around) the checkpoints.

In graduate school, it seems like it’s way too easy to slack off. All you have to do is look and see the number of people who stay in grad school for years. For example, I have a friend who took literally 10 years between BS and PhD. Now, I’m not saying they’re not motivated because if it’s anything more than 5 years, it’s your advisor’s fault. But I think that five years is a reasonable amount of time. Anything more than that is ridiculous. But you’ve got to put in the time! I mean, whenever I didn’t do much one day I’d try to make up for it the next day in the lab with extra hours.

I just – I don’t know why it upsets me. I guess it’s frustrating to see some people who you know have the intelligence to have the motivation to finish things. Especially when they have such promise and work ethic earlier in their academic careers. It’s just so delicate and it’s kind of scary to see how it all just spirals downhill so quickly.



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