Final destination

Disclaimer: all posts tagged as road trip were not written at the time of posting. They have been artificially back-dated and have been recreated.

Today HPC (hot plane chick) and I finally made it into Providence! We managed to book a hotel in Seekonk, MA. It’s a 2.5 star hotel, but hey they have continental breakfeast. Unlike any of the other 3.5 or 4 star hotels we stayed at..

We got into our hotel room around 7 pm because we took a slight detour at a mall on the way over. She’s most girls and has a shopping addiction and I thought it’d be nice to stop and take a break from driving. It was definitely not what I expected out of a girl at the mall. She quickly looked at some things and decided what she wanted and bought it. But the main difference was that there was no trying it on or debating, it was awesome. She was in and out really fast. I can’t even begin to describe how much time I have spent waiting for chicks to try things on. Then they come out of the dressing room and try to trick you.

Chick: “Does this look good on me?”
Me: “Yes. You look great – as usual.”
Chick: “I look fat in these jeans, do you think I look fat usually?”
Me: “No.. I just meant I think you look stunning.”
Chick: “So you think that these fat jeans make me look stunning and this is the best I’ll ever look?!”
Me: “What?”
Chick: “Why don’t you ever tell the truth to me?”
Etc. It just doesn’t end well. Ever.

Anyways, we get to Providence and it’s great. I think the city made a great impression on Erica. As I mentioned, it’s very similar to UM/Ann Arbor in that Brown is really integrated into Providence. I have promised her I will never eat at this frozen yogurt (which she adamantly only calls “froyo”) shop we found downtown. On a sidenote, Here is HPC, trying to steal something at the restaurant we ate at for dinner on Wickendon Street – not quite downtown, but it’s close to the river. In this case, it’s a painting instead of a flag like at the Biltmore.

So after hours and hours of driving we finally reached our destination! An entire week went by so quickly, and I am sad that she’s leaving tomorrow. I already miss her but I have some great memories and some terrific pictures to help remind me of how amazing this road trip was.



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