63 John St

Disclaimer: all posts tagged as road trip were not written at the time of posting. They have been artificially back-dated and have been recreated.

I just got the keys to my new place and moved most of my things into my new apartment in Providence. I’m still missing a bunch of furniture, but here are some pictures of the inside.

There’s three main areas: the family room, the kitchen, and a loft space. I’m pretty excited to get everything set up. I think I know roughly where everything will go, so I just have to go find what I want and buy it.

I’ve only done it a few times in my life, but moving into a new city seems to always be hard. I’m not talking about the physical aspect of lugging all of my earthly possessions up three flights of stairs (yes, I live on the 3rd floor: that’s why there’s a loft). I’m talking about the challenges of integrating yourself into a new place. Providence reminds me a lot of Ann Arbor, in that its city is very much intertwined with the University. I have to learn the street names, the places to eat, the grocery stores, and, of course, a new church and a new gym.

Also, I am not looking forward to learning the tortuous layout of the hospital (why are all hospitals super confusing in their floorplans btw? am I the only one who noticed that?). I foresee a rant in the very near future.

And, finally, in order to make this a home, I am making new friends. And in that regard, I have been relatively successful. I have joined a gym and have made a few buddies there. I have met a couple of my neighbors and some of the people who live in the same building as me. They all seem relatively nice, but not really anyone I can see as someone that I will hang out with a lot. Of course, that was the case when I first moved to Gainesville. I never would’ve imagined Stu, Brink, Teriyaki, Scary, Ben, and Yayo becoming my closest friends, when I first met them.

My friend summarized my feelings best when she asked me, “Does it feel like home? Or is it just some place you are living at?”

Send me care packages!

Christopher Tien
63 John St.
Floor 3, Unit 2
Providence, RI 02906



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