A room with a view

This a real short post but I finally got around to taking a picture of my view. So I wanted to share what it looks like at night immediately outside my bedroom window. I get to fall asleep to this every night! Here’s what it looks like with super-high exposure time and when I hand-stabilized the shot. This is a picture of the southern portion of Providence’s east side.

That bright mass of lights in the center is the I-195 bridge which connects Providence’s east side across the Providence harbor. I-195 continues east to connect Providence’s east side to East Providence (this nomenclature is pretty representative of New England’s abundant creativity). I’ll try to get a picture of Point St. bridge – that’s the one I use – some time too. Here’s a zoomed-in view of the I-195 bridge.I have a point-and-shoot camera, so these pictures aren’t that great. But you get the idea. The view of downtown Providence is also amazing, but I don’t have a view of that from my bedroom. It’s filled with high-rises and has a couple of skyscrapers too. Also, I will try to get a couple of pictures of Brown’s campus up soon (not visible from my bedroom either). All of you should come to visit and I’ll be happy to show you the city in vivo!



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