This post is kind of a downer, but I wanted to get it up into writing

I spent my summer of 2007 at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. I had an absolute blast. I hung out with a group of about 10 interns. When we weren’t taking a party bus to San Francisco, we were spending weekends at different Californian places ranging from the Redwoods to Lake Tahoe to San Diego. We even went to Rock the Bells in Los Angeles where we saw Rage Against the Machine – yet another venue which I got kicked out of (link not posted yet). In short, it was amazing.

This was especially ironic because one of my other friends spent his summer of 2006 at Lawrence Livermore National Labs. It was one year earlier, and all you really need to know is that he called it his “Summer of Solitude.”

I feel like this is my mini-summer of solitude. I moved here at the end of June. I got to Providence literally the first day of summer (June 21st this year). Like I said earlier, I didn’t know anyone when I first got here. I still only know a few people, although I met a ton of people at House Staff orientation on Friday and I’ve met a few people at the gym. But regardless, I’ve only been out to the bars three times since I’ve been here (~ 2 weeks). Since I’m no longer spending 6-8 hours drinking every day, I’ve had some extra time to myself. In other ways, I’ve had wayy too much time to ponder things and put my thoughts into words and eventually some of the best thoughts make their way onto this blog.

I think about all the good stuff that’s happened to me and I really worry that somewhere there’s got to be a counterweight to all of it. To me, I imagine a balance in the sky which makes you pay for good days by having bad days. And, for happiness with sadness. And, for laughter with tears. This is especially scary when I’m having a terrific time – like, for example, the road trip I had a couple of weeks ago. I worry that I better brace myself because I’m about to have a really rough time. I mean, after all the fun I’ve had this past month, I wouldn’t be surprised if I got hit by lightning.

I hope that this balance in the sky doesn’t really exist, because if it does, I’m in for a world of pain to make up for these past few years.



One thought on “Balance

  1. i hear what your saying, but you have to ask yourself: Does God really have that twist that he would do that? He of infinite wisdom, compassion, and caring… seems like a trait he wouldnt have. Plus if you want to have a new age spin on it, think of your life and all the good, like true good things you’ve done and karma that those actions have generated for you and built your character and lifeforce. From knowing you, and from your chosen profession not to mention, I think you have nothing to worry.

    In summary my hypothesis is that there is no concrete evidence to support the aforementioned “Balance” theory. This leaves open the idea that our reality is that the World wants us to have fun!

    Hope your doing well brah, and come on give me the password to Hop plane chick 2….

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