A look back on July 4th’s

Happy Independence Day to everyone. Just thought I’d take a quick look back at all of my most memorable July 4th experiences. It’s been a great holiday for me.

2009 – Philadelphia

2008 – NYC

2007 – San Francisco

2006 – Seattle

2005 – Washington, DC

I think the best fireworks show by far was the one in DC. It was amazing, we sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and looked out across the National Mall to watch the fireworks going off behind the Washington Monument. I didn’t get any pictures of the fireworks, but here’s a view of the Mall from the Lincoln Memorial.

Now imagine it at night. With tons of fireworks and a free concert by the national band. Also the fireworks are synchronized with the music. Looked it up and it says that attendance over “the Capital Fourth” is over one-half of a million people. This is one of the better memories I have of DC. Although DC still sucks because I remember I had a huge fight with a close friend on this day. But the show was still terrific.

I also remember specifically they synchronized the first few fireworks to go off in time with Jason Mraz. “Well I saw fireworks (boom) from the freeway (boom boom) and behind closed eyes I cannot make them go away (boom boom) because you were born on the fourth (boom) of July (boom boom boom), freedom ring (boom boom).”

This year, some fireworks celebrations have been cancelled due to weather conditions. Specifically, the summer has brought unusually dry weather to some parts of the country, creating fears that having fireworks celebrations would be just too dangerous. With crazy wildfires already spreading over Arizona and New Mexico, the bans on fireworks are being implemented at blazing speed (pun intended). There have been burn notices put up in Arizona, Alabama, Florida and Texas!!

So, if you’re unlucky enough to be in a burn notice location, I hope you can still have fun because there’s plenty to do with people you care about. I’m sure everyone can find something to do whether you’re cheering on parades, eating at a barbecue, playing at a carnival, walking a fair, sitting at picnics, listening to concerts, watching a baseball game, attending family reunions, floating a river, partaking in political speeches, or just good old-fashioned drinking.


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