July 4th from my window

I decided not to go out to Boston or NYC because I have to work early tomorrow. So I was bummed out that I would only get to see the pathetic local fireworks, but it turns out I had an absolute blast (pun-ny!) yesterday watching the fireworks show from my RWAV (room with a view) tonight. And when I say show, I mean showS. I could hear the faint explosions of mortars and see the explosions of at least 5 shows beginning at 9 pm, when I was rudely awakened and my immediate thought was that Massachusetts decided to lay siege upon Rhode Island.

I have a good view of everything south of me, but to see the number going off, for so long, I think it’s like their way of settling duels. It seems like every freaking city in Rhode Island decided to have a cock-waving contest decided by fireworks displays. At one time, I counted 12 fireworks displays which I could see from my window. Anyways, here’s a picture of the local fireworks from my room.

So excluding the ones going off a mile away, I could only fit about 8 other ones into this other picture. There were 2 big ones to the right, and 1 small one to the left, but at the time of the picture, there’s only 1 big one on the far right and 1 small one to the slight left. Ha, coincidentally that sounds like the political orientation of the UF NRE/BME department!

Well, if you love fireworks, come visit me next year, if I stay in the same apartment. This is way better than NYC or DC because there’s 10 going on at once!! So be like Derek Zoolander, and don’t go watch a fireworks show for ants, this one’s at least.. 3 times bigger..


Katie G: Friday, the piano bar night


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