Vancouver (part 1) – the city

I had a terrific last weekend visiting Vancouver this past week in order to attend a medical physics conference. The city was so beautiful – the skyline was framed in steel and glass. It is the first time I’ve ever seen anything quite like it. I am used to garish brick and bland cement. The glass was elegant and refreshing. I especially appreciated the waterfront, which has an amazing view of the water, with the mountains looming in the background. And at night, it’s crazy how the city just lights up.


At the conference, I had fun seeing a lot of my friends from Florida (see part 2 for some pictures). I went on Facebook and here’s the locations of where medical physicists went/go to school or got a job at. I only counted people who have direct affiliation with the University of Florida. Either way, I’m sure I left out a bunch of people. But you get the idea.

Pretty crazy, that a relatively small conference could bring people from many of these places! Maybe those cheesy commercials are right: Gator Nation really is everywhere, at least in the medical physics world.


PS. Vancouver, no matter how awesome you are, you are still Canadian.

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3 thoughts on “Vancouver (part 1) – the city

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