Vancouver (part 2) – night out

Here’s the more memorable highlights of this year’s conference in Vancouver (Vancouver part 1 post here).

Our first highlight is this homeless person cardboard drawing. The first night we got there, this homeless guy followed us around until we would let him draw us. It really reminded of that scene in Titanic where Leonardo Decaprio says, “Let me paint you” but our scene involved more clothing and more drawing Teriyaki like Osama Bin Laden.

Teriyaki looks nothing like Osama, he looks more like this. Look at that gorgeous background!! It looks like a professional picture. This was taken at Stanley Park – one of Vancouver’s many picturesque attractions.

Our next highlight photos are some pictures of me in Vancouver (photos taken by Baha).

And our next highlight is me icing both Scary and Ryan at the unofficial UF get-together. It wasn’t anything particularly creative (we used the waiter), but it got the job done. I feel kind of bad about Scary’s icing because he got sick. But I am proud of him for rallying!

And of course, our best highlight is the obligatory Muschamp competition.

As an added bonus, we were also graced by two amateurs from Iowa:

So those are my highlights of this year’s conference.


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