Show me your TDs (part 2)

So I commissioned another league for work. And I have a few members who have joined, but have not signed into the actual league because they “can’t think of a good name.” So, instead of just ridiculing you guys, I’ve compiled some of the popular suggestions as a primer for your thought processes. I feel like some people are making this harder than either Adrian or Arian as number one.

Obviously, you have to decide to go funny or trash talk. Those are the only two decisions. You cannot have a ridiculous “cute” name. You cannot make sure you alliterate a football phrase with your last name. This is fantasy football, not fantasy WNBA – not that WNBA players are cute. Actually that is a terrible analogy because the only thing scarier than a pack of WNBA players is Satan.

Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi
Orton hears a who
Addai in your sleep
Burrested development
Ahman the DNP list… again
Itching my Cotchery
Pimpin’ ain’t Brees-y
Forsett down her throat
The Boldin the beautiful
Revis and Butthead
Maclin on chicks
All Avant for Christmas
Peyton makes it Wayne
Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe

Ok, anyways, those are my favorite player-related names. You can use one of these names. Or don’t. Won’t change my opinion of you. What I do need, is for some people (Jess, I am looking at you), to sign into the league.

This should not be the hardest decision of the season.


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