Frequent flier

It’s the 15th of the month and you know what that means: time for another post!

Sorry guys, nothing too exciting has been going on with me.. I’ve been busting my tail at work these past few weeks even more than usual. In order to temper spending so much time at work, I have been spending more money on travel. I have a very exciting bunch of trips coming up which I’m very excited for.

Sep 16-18: Kansas City, MO
Sep 29-Oct 3: Gainesville, FL
Oct 27-Oct 30: Ann Arbor, MI
Nov 24-Nov 28: Troy, MI / Ann Arbor, MI

I am excited about this Amir’s wedding this weekend to get the opportunity to see a bunch of the ol’ JP Gator crew. Ah, these trips are exactly what I have been cultivating my brain cells for. Right when they think they’re about to learn things, I drown them in High Life.

And who knows? With all these flights I’m taking, I might have the opportunity to write another hot plane chick series.



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