We’re not in Kansas anymore

This past weekend, I traveled for the first time to Kansas City for two of my friends’ wedding. I met both of them during recruiting for the University of Florida’s graduate school. So I’ve known them literally the entire time I’ve been in Gainesville. Even though it was far away, there was no way I was going to miss my good buddy’s wedding! I mean, I’ve been there and experienced so many things with them. Most notably, I was there for “Tambourine Night.” But I don’t think that’s my story to tell! ..

(Maybe I will tell it anyways in another post – I don’t think they read this blog all too often anyways.)

Anyhow, on Friday afternoon, I flew into the airport in Kansas City, MO and then took a cab over to Kansas City, KS. Kind of confusing: they’re two different cities. I always thought they were just two different regions of one city. Oh well.

Anyways, the wedding was (as expected) a ton of fun. I got to see a lot of people that I haven’t seen in awhile and I was glad to celebrate such a momentous occasion. I am glad that I got invited to the rehearsal dinner because I had a ton of fun. I finally got to put a few faces to names I’d been hearing since I got to Gainesville and heard about them from the K-State crew.

It was a very well done event. It was even more impressive because this couple doesn’t even live in Kansas. I mean, one of them is from Kansas, but technically it was destination wedding even for them because they live in Texas (League City – it’s by Houston). That was a 12-hour drive for them from Kansas City!

Anyways, my Facebook privacy settings are ridiculously high. So unless you are also tagged in a picture with me or you posted the picture yourself, don’t expect to see many pictures of me. Here are my favorites.

Oh that’s not too bad right? But here’s what happens when you add the open bar…

Two other things: of course we Muschamped in KCK.

And I (awkwardly) successfully dodged another garter!

Teriyaki ended up getting the garter. And also he earned $800 from Delta, 2 first class tickets, and also almost hooked up with two cougars this weekend. All in all, pretty solid 2 days for him. Make sure to ask him about it.



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