Gainesville homecoming 2011

This past weekend, I made a 5-day, 4-night visit back to Gainesville to visit my old grad school friends. We had a great time hitting up all the old spots. It was really touching that all of my friends came out over the course of the weekend. I got in Thursday night, and wasted no time going directly from Gainesville’s airport to Sharab.

The first thing that hit me, other than the drinks, was that I completely forgot how ridiculously gorgeous every girl in Florida is. Friday I went into campus and visited my grad school advisor. It was great to see him so relaxed – he’s lost some weight and finally doesn’t have to stress about the duties of department chair anymore.

Friday night we were back at it again. We went to Tall Paul’s, which I was happy to see isn’t a grad student bar anymore. We won a ton of games of shuffleboard and just held the table down for awhile. We lost on a careless turn and then we switched over to foosball. I hate that slanted table and single-goalie bar. You’d think they could spend a couple hundred bucks to invest in a real table. Regardless of the terrible set-up, we’ve actually managed to never lose at Tall Paul’s, but we played against a really good team. Anyways, this is us after the bar with some random chick, who we didn’t even know was in the picture until the next day.

And of course, in the South, Saturday is Gameday. UF was playing Alabama in a huge match-up of hot teams. Both teams were undefeated and are perennial contenders in the SEC and the FBS. Anyways, regardless of the game, Saturday means tailgating. 90,000 people in the stadium along with at least 20,000 on campus and in Midtown.

They didn’t release a count of Downtown attendance. It was an electrifying atmosphere that didn’t disappoint. Here’s some of the highlights including all the fans driving everything from cars with bumper stickers to blue-and-orange RVs. I was talking to some random chick for the sole reason that she knew what a Muschamp face was.

I ended up watching the game at Grog with Tina and Yayo. After the game, we walked to her car. Which was fine, except for the fact that she completely forgot where it was. So we had an adventure trying to find it. Anyways, we eventually found it. So everything was alright.

Anyways, I got back to Ben’s house and the light was on, so I saunter in, and there’s Scary by himself watching College Football. Ben never came home that night, turns out he decided to go to Jackie’s. And then Teriyaki (who Scary was staying with) got separated from everyone else and his phone died so he went home late.

Anyways, we woke up Sunday ready to go to Ginnie Springs – I realized how much I have come to love floating. Anyways, we stopped by Publix to pick up some food to grill out and look who we found.. 

In other words, this is Teriyaki and I muschamping Muschamp. Pretty awesome huh? And here’s more Muschamping at the Springs..

Of course we stopped at the gas station, where I bought Ices. There were subsequently six Icings. Afterwards, we all went back to Ben’s place where we passed out for a few hours. I also got a chance to see Preds and Bexter too, who were out of town for most of the weekend. Not sure why I’m biting Preds’ head.

That’s it for the adventures and pictures. Just watched “Happy Endings” for the rest of Sunday night and went to the airport Monday afternoon. Got home uneventfully. I was sad to leave Gainesville. I had an amazing homecoming trip and hope to be back soon!



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