Any week that starts with Columbus Day is going to suck

It’s finally Friday (12:01 AM!!) and it can’t have come any sooner. I thought this week would be a breeze because we didn’t have work on Monday to celebrate Columbus Day. The entire New England area got the day off. Even with the holiday, the week has just dragged on. Therefore, I blame my long week on Columbus Day throwing off my schedule.

The only reason I’d heard of Columbus Day before I moved to Providence was because my bank was always closed on that day. And every year, it inevitably ended up being a day when I’d amble over to the bank for an in-person transaction. But no, FAIL: “We are closed for Columbus Day.”

Why in the world would you celebrate Columbus Day?

Does anyone other than New England (and my bank) take the day off? I was taken aback that there are entire states that are still celebrating Columbus. I mean, I love vacation days as much as the next guy, but taking days off cancer treatment reduces its efficiency. We shouldn’t be taking days off for stupid reasons or historical figures – or at least, not entire hospitals should.

Why don’t people under the age of 35 get the day off for holidays like St. Patrick’s Day? Or the day after St. Patrick’s Day? We could call it St. Patrick’s Aftermath. Or at least a half-day..

Another idea I have come up with is to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. If you didn’t know, the Canucks have a completely different Thanksgiving day than the US. They’re weird, but let’s take advantage of their attempt to be independent. How awesome would it be to have TWO giant 10-lb turkeys per year?! Plus now the NFL’s “Watch the Lions lose on Thanksgiving Day” traditional game should be over because the Lions are finally good again (the Lions always have a game scheduled for Turkey Day, dating back to 1934).

Anyways, back to Columbus Day.. it turns out that there is actually an entire Facebook group dedicated to this too. It’s creatively called “Fuck Columbus Day.” The founder of the group is pretty intense. He’s literally uploaded 30 videos which basically say “Not only did Christopher Columbus not truly discover America, but true history reveals he was a mass murderer and a terrorist.” He’s even selling t-shirts. Wow.

And I thought I was crazy for thinking that it was a stupid holiday.. (Let’s campaign for something worthy like St. Patrick’s Aftermath!!) After this long week, the only thing I’m glad for is that it’s sexy Friday (if you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out Daily Grace on youtube).


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3 thoughts on “Any week that starts with Columbus Day is going to suck

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