Don’t tell me (or Gronkowski) what to do

Rob Gronkowski, a pro NFL player for the New England Patriots, issued an apology today for hanging out with a porn star. I don’t mean “hang out” as a euphemism. I mean, it was just him taking a couple of pictures with her. She tweeted a couple pictures of them together and then she went on the radio and specifically said they never had a relationship (or “encounter”).

For some strange reason, as a professional football player, you’re not allowed to be friends with whoever you want. “Gronk” had a meeting with Patriots owner Robert Kraft and then publicly stated that he never meant to hurt the reputation of the organization. This (figuratively) poor guy’s apology demonstrates to me that there was a sense of uneasiness in the press box people such as Kraft.


I know people say “Oh you’re a professional athlete, people look up to you” and “You’re on a pedestal because you’re a Patriot.” But, how is taking pictures with an adult film star suddenly plunging your entire organization into the depths of shame? I mean, the team owner wanted to have a sit-down meeting about it. I think Kraft might be a little on the sensitive side. I’m sure that Will Muschamp – or any other NCAA football coach – would dream of having this as his worst problem.

If you think about it, most of us will never be hanging out with a porn star on bye weeks, but bottom line: when it comes to any wrongdoing, how is Gronkowski being in a picture with a provocative girl different than us posing for a photo with a UF Dazzler or Classy Cat (yes, a shout out to my friends at K-State)?

And, it’s worse because the dude isn’t even doing anything except pointing at her. It’s not like he’s groping her. I’m sure he wanted to, but he didn’t. At least not in the picture. So why are all these pictures such a big deal? Answer: they’re not.

I did some research and I think the only credible argument I saw was that she was wearing a Patriots jersey. But, did her wearing a jersey single-handedly destroy the team’s reputation? I don’t think so. Anyone can go to the store and buy a jersey. Or go on E-Bay and buy a signed jersey. I just looked and the winning bid was around $59.95.

Listen Kraft, you’ve got to realize Gronkowski is a 20-something, popular, rich athlete on his bye week (thank goodness because he is dominating fantasy football right now). What do you think he’s going to be doing? At least he isn’t getting all Tony Romo on you. Actually, don’t get me started on that douche. And yes, my bitter hatred of Tony Homo is because he dated Carrie Underwood. THAT would be a good reason to issue an apology.




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