PWHTAAHMARTFGOSC: People who hate ‘Two and a half men’ and resent them for getting other shows cancelled

Here’s a recent copy of the Nielsen TV ratings.

If you look closely, you will see Nielsen ratings claim that almost 10% of all US households are watching ‘Two and a Half Men’ every week.. They claim that more than 15 million people are watching it. I feel like these ratings are made up.

And if they aren’t, don’t even get me started on how ridiculous it is that 19 million people tuned in to watch ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ It’s just too easy to make fun of those people. I’ll skip it for now. I’m glad that medical dramas – in particular ‘House‘ – are not on there because of (in my opinion) lack of creativity… Other thoughts: I don’t know what the heck ‘Mike and Molly’ is but it better be pretty dang good to beat out ‘Modern Family.’ Also, both ‘NCIS’ and ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’ in the top 10? REALLY? It’s the same show in a different city.

I don’t know anyone, from any age demographic who watches ‘Two and a Half Men’ regularly. From all the commercials and advertisements they show, you’d probably think I was the only person who has not managed to watch a complete episode. To clarify, I’ve seen half of one episode and it was so bad that I had to turn it off.

Ok, so I’ll admit.. I’m not really sure what the show is about. But here’s what I figured out from 10 minutes: two guys live together along with one guy’s kid. It’s really not funny at all. Charlie Sheen was in it for awhile until he publicly admitted it sucked, so the show’s writers killed him off.

It just really bothers me when shows like ‘Two and a Half Men’ go on for 9 seasons by cancelling shows like ‘Arrested Development’ or ‘Friends with Benefits.’



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