Singles Awareness Day / Valentine’s day (aka the Christmas of online dating sites)

For those of you in relationships, Singles Awareness Day is the single person’s version of Valentine’s Day (it is aka SAD day – yes I realize it’s redundant, but that’s what it’s been called, I didn’t make it up). Also, is it slightly ironic that Valentine’s Day is abbreviated VD? Might as well call it Crabs Day…

Like Valentine’s Day, SAD day is also usually celebrated on February 14th although I actually have seen it turn into a weeklong affair. Usually, a bunch of single people gather to celebrate (or to commiserate) about their single-ness. On SAD day, singles wear green, as it is considered to be the opposite of red. Think of traffic lights. (Traffic light parties: will have to remember to write a post on that one).

Anyways, just another great Hallmark holiday to remember how apparently terrible it is that I am not in a committed relationship. Even though I have had some enjoyable Valentine’s Day experiences, I still think most people dread it. I can think of only one  sure-fire exception: online-dating websites (more of my opinions on online dating here). I bet they are drooling, I mean, it’s like their version of Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ whatever you celebrate. So, yes, I am so  excited for another celebration of Singles’ Awareness Day. Also since there is no sarcasm font available online, yes, I am being sarcastic.

I KNOW it is NOT February 14th yet (which you might not know because of all the red hearts and cupid cutouts everywhere), so I’m posting a little early. Calm it. But, speaking of early, word of advice to all my beau-ed up friends: keep procrastinating on those flowers, it’s the best way to be “spontaneous” like she always wanted. Boom BACKFIRE…. actually, don’t do it, or you’ll probably end up celebrating SAD day on the pull-out.

Apparently, some people celebrate life simply because their sole purpose in life is to be in a relationship. I mean, don’t get me wrong, love is an amazing feeling. It’s an incomparable and indescribable experience when you find someone who is your match. But I feel like many of my friends who are celebrating Valentine’s Day are not in this type of relationship. So here’s my proposal. In order to be a candidate to celebrate Valentine’s Day,  I think you should have to have been with your boy/girl-friend/hubbs/wifer/ball-and-chain for more than 5 years total. I think couples who have reached this stage are truly in love and they also know how to limit their PDAs (public display of affection).

For those of you who are a little depressed about the impending holiday, remember, cupid’s stupid. I know this because I was invited to a “Cupid’s Stupid Bash Party” – btw, can anyone explain what this is? I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or not..


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2 thoughts on “Singles Awareness Day / Valentine’s day (aka the Christmas of online dating sites)

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