Happy National Pancake Day!

Today is National Pancake Day. Not to be confused with Pancake Day or Pancake Tuesday – which are other names for Fat Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday). To celebrate National Pancake Day, iHop is literally giving away free pancakes for the whole day today.  They’ve been doing this for a few years now and it’s an awesome tradition, with all proceeds going to charity.


I went for lunch to get my free delicious shortstack. It was probably more delicious because it was free. They were just slinging them out because that’s basically the only thing everyone was getting. It would be the equivalent to any rap music video, but instead of money they are “making it rain” with syrup. This is kind of how I picture it (using lil Bowwow).

Boom, amazing Microsoft Paint skills at work (more amazing Paint skills here)!

Anyways, we got hot fresh pancakes within 2 minutes of sitting down at the bar, which we got to immediately to after walking in. All told, from the time of opening the door until pancake straight to the face it was less than 3 minutes. I was impressed. Ok, not literally pancake to the face. Although apparently it’s been done.

I was saddened by Rhode Island’s lack of awareness of such an important holiday. Everyone I asked about it (“So what’re you doing for National Pancake Day?”) gave me a blank stare. It happened so many times, by now you’d think I’d have come up with a clever retort (a puzzle piece response), but you’d be wrong.

So, save some money and impress your date with your worldly knowledge by taking ’em out to iHop. Make a donation! All donations go to charity!!



2 thoughts on “Happy National Pancake Day!

  1. chris, thanks for the PSA! i’d heard rumor of these free pancakes, but i wasn’t really sold until i read your post. robert and i went to get our free shortstacks for dinner, and they were indeed delicious and out in 3 minutes. amazing!

    • I know! Fast and they’re high-quality pancakes too. It’s crazy that people don’t know about this. Oh well. Maybe my photoshopped Lil Bowwow picture will help raise awareness.

      Also, at first I was about to scold you for going online at 2:44 am, but then I remembered (hoped) you were on the west coast.

      Hope all is well. Thanks for reading!

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