A night to remember!

So, a couple of weeks ago, I was at my buddy’s house party as a pre-game. It was an all-around good time. It was great, I mean, how long has it been since I’ve been to a house party? Most of the time, it’s me and a few friends just pre-gaming. And most of the time, there are not a bunch of good-looking chicks (I know, you can’t believe it can you?!).

I get there early, around 9, because I didn’t actually think there were going to be a ton (30) of people but I was pleasantly surprised. Anyways, about half-way through the night I notice this cute girl has been kinda giving me the eye. I asked my friend about her and I guess she’d been trying to talk to me for a little bit – I guess my accidental ignoring her only served to turn her on even more.

Anyways, we start talking. She’s pretty and she laughs at my terrible jokes. So she’s at least worth talking to for a little bit. At this point, everyone is thoroughly intoxicated, so we begin the odyssey to the club. Well, we waited for the 10 cabs to arrive (ok, that’s an exaggeration, probably 6). I ended up going in one of the last cabs and stayed behind at my friend’s house for a little bit just talking it up with some of the other party-goers. I mean, I wasn’t in a rush.

I get to the club, walk in, and this girl jumps on my back squealing in delight, “Oh I didn’t think you were coming! I’m so glad you’re here!” So we start dancing a little bit, having some fun, talking. Mostly dancing though. So we go to the bar and she buys me a drink. What! My brain is coherent to realize, “Wait, girls don’t do that unless they like you!” Man, she likes me and I got a drink! Awesome! Obviously I repay the favor and there we are chatting away while downing (more) drinks. I’m on my 7 millionth beer of the night, take a giant swig and look –


I open my eyes, I’m in my bed.

Oh boy..

I know two things at this point: 1) I am praying that I did not sleep with this girl and 2) I am naked. So I cautiously lift my head up and there she is NOT. Phew. So I walk downstairs and check out the rest of my loft just to be sure. No one there. Wow. That was a closecall, I mean I –

I stop in my tracks at the sight on my kitchen table.

There are two empty bottles of wine (not unusual), but TWO empty wine glasses. So I spend about 10 minutes pondering the situation and finally convince myself that I was just double-fisting… Yes, that’s what happened. I opened two bottles of chardonnay, and then I drank both of them using two glasses after I arrived home last night.

Not owned by heylookchris, don’t sue me!!

Oh boy..

I call my buddy, who answers the phone, “Yo! How’d last night go? Where’d you and [—] go?” Uh, I was hoping you could tell me..

So I Facebook-friend this chick and send her a casual message asking her how things are going and send her the generic “I had fun last night, let’s do it again sometime” message (no advanced texting moves yet). I hoped that she would respond with something that would jog my memory. But she didn’t respond at all.

Reminds me of every Slammer night in Gainesville. Haha. Oh well, I guess I’ll just take my buddy’s advice: “Don’t worry, if it’s really serious, you’ll hear in about 9 months.”


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