Song STDs: We are young

You know that feeling when you hear a song and then it gets stuck in your head? And then you start to get to the point where you just wish that you had never heard it? And then you feel like there had to be some kind of conspiracy: someone played the song SOLELY to get it stuck in your head too (misery likes company right)? Anyways, these songs travel from person to person like STDs.

Well I’ve had this song stuck in my head. It’s “We are young” by a band named “Fun.” It’s actually pretty good. I’m sure you’ve heard it from the (overplayed) Chevy Sonic commercials.  TONIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTT WE ARE YOUNGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!

So I commend the advertising department at Chevrolet because they got a catchy song which I now associate with their car. However, I do  feel slightly deceived by them. Any lyrics of the song which are not “TONIIIIIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHTTTTTTTT”, are so completely unrelated to the car. Take, for example, the first verse:

Give me a second / I, I need to get my story straight. /
My friends are in the bathroom / getting higher than the Empire State.

Couple of things as I look over this post.  First, does anyone else think the lead singer looks like an older, more disheveled doppleganger of Matt Damon? Secondly, my title of the post is way more intriguing than the actual post. Sorry if I tricked you into reading it. So to salvage some of your time: go listen to the song. Again, look it up, the song is called  “We are young (ft Janelle Monáe)” by Fun. And then look down, and enjoy my Song STDs tonighttttttttttttttttttttt.




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