Please turn off all electronic devices for take off and landing

Ever since commercial aviation was conceived, passengers have had to stow all their electronics for take-off and landing.


I don’t think anyone knows why. Not even the people who make the policy. I take that back: ESPECIALLY the people who make the policy. I mean, if you think about it scientifically, it doesn’t make sense (wrong frequency range). Does anyone else get this sadistic urge to turn on my cellphone during take-off and/or landing just to show them that it’s ok? Maybe it’s just me.. I mean, does trying to read my Kindle make me into Maverick?

“You know what your problem is Maverick? You’re dangerous” “Well Iceman, you know what else is dangerous? All electronic devices. So STOW YOUR KINDLE when we take off or land on this aircraft carrier!”

Anyways, the FAA has finally decided to “reconsider” its stance on electronics being used during take-off and landing. Airline spokespeople have conceded a revision. However in order to achieve their requirements: each airline would have to fly each type of plane with each individual gadget in operation, without any passengers, to validate the device’s safety. Then, and only then, would they be satisfied.


Furthermore, each version (Kindle Fire, Kindle Classic, Kindle Touch, Kindle Keyboard, Nook, iPad, iPad 2, etc.) would be tested individually. You can imagine that this turns out to be quite expensive and time-consuming (“Sorry sir, no flights today. You see, we’re spending this entire week testing to see if the iPad, Kindle, or Nook blows planes up during take-off”).

How is turning off your electronic equipment still a rule? Aviation technology is extremely advanced. For example, Silicon Valley start-up company  “TacoCopter” has been developing a drone helicopter that delivers tacos. That’s how freaking advanced we are in aviation technology (and also advanced in laziness.. and also super advanced in fatness). TacoCopter is based on a downloadable app that takes your GPS location and then flies a freaking remote-control drone helicopter to your location and drops a taco on you.  “Your tacos are on the way to you. Please stay stationary.”

This is truly the pinnacle of human technology.

Here’s my point: if a company can transform your finger wiggling on a small glass screen into a crispy (or soft) taco using an automated unmanned flying remote control machine, our aviation technology is slightly more advanced than the FAA  is admitting.


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8 thoughts on “Please turn off all electronic devices for take off and landing

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