Peer review explained – and why I hate it

In this post, I will explain how the process of peer-review.

I will also show you an example of an epic FAIL.

Yes, this really happened to me.

Yes, I was pissed, but I am over it.. sort of.

After a few weeks..

A few months later..

Ok, here’s what’s STANDARD …

Ok, here’s what happened to me…

So we submitted  to a different journal..

Hmm.. I can’t help thinking you look familiar..

This is not uncommon in the peer review system – to get the same “expert” for your reviews. You see, there tend to be only a few “experts” especially in specific topic areas. So even when I submitted to a different journal, two different editors picked the same douche.

However, it is extremely unorthodox for the editor to ask for a completely new voice after the 1st round – it’d be the equivalent of a inserting a sub into a boxing match in the 4th round. (He/she is basically saying, “Yeah ignore the suggestions and changes of the first-round reviewers”). Any way you slice it, we went from “Accepted, make a few changes” to “Sorry, our hands are tied, I guess Reviewer 3 hates you, sorry buddy.” Fortunately, I haven’t heard of  2nd-round assignment happening to any of my friends.

I mean, the majority of reviewers who have seen this research have agreed that it is a significant contribution to the literature, but they are getting overridden by Reviewer 3.

Just wait until when (not if) I find out who he/she is..

Either way, we are submitting to a 3rd journal. Wish us luck!

Also, since the review is over, the content is no longer confidential and I decided that I will post highlights of reviewer 3’s comments in part 2 (next week)..


Dislaimer: I don’t own most of these pictures. Picture credits to,, Sorry if I forget to write down your site, it was not intentional. E-mail me and I’ll be sure to add you to the credits list.


5 thoughts on “Peer review explained – and why I hate it

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    • It’s ridiculous!! But then again, when it’s the other way around – and you become the reviewer – I personally find it is truly difficult to fit in enough time to really sit down and review an article too.

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