On romance and baby names

Call me crazy or weird (or Chris), but I have this personal rule that I cannot date anyone with the same name as someone I’ve dated before. I just have too many emotions associated with names. It’s silly, but just the sound of an ex’s name brings back floods of memories for me. It’s important to note that it’s the sound that counts.

For example, I’ve met a Sarah, Sara, Sera, Sahrah, and Cera. That counts as one name. It doesn’t matter that their parents apparently can’t spell. [NOTE: Wow, a lot of backlash from the Sarah-community. Let me clarify that I think Sarah or Sara are great. The rest of those other spellings are just ridiculous.] I can’t be too mad though. I mean, if there weren’t so many crazy variations of names such as Megan, this picture wouldn’t have happened.

Yeah that picture was only marginally related to the topic at hand, but I thought it was hilarious.

Anyhow, I had a conversation the other day about this and, you know, I didn’t realize how severely this rule limits my future prospects.

So I did what every science-oriented guy would do, I mined social security information online to get a better feel for my chances. I mean, every guy does that, right? Right?

[awkward silence..]

Ok, so here’re my findings:

Assuming I will date girls within 5 years difference, that gives me 1980 to 1990. I think everyone knows I tend to date girls on the younger side (better match for my maturity level), so I decided to skew my ten year window a little bit to go from 1982 to 1992.

Good news: from 1982 to 1992, 19.6 million girls were born.

Bad news: look at the top five most common names.

If you only consider two girls that I have dated (Jennifer and Brittany), I have really screwed myself. In each and every year of my window, I have ruled out a top 5 name. And to exacerbate my situation, other past dates have such “exotic” names as Mary and Margaret.

I have to hope that my future lady does not have the same quirky rule as me because Christopher was the #2 name for 15 years – from 1979 to 1994 straight. That’s a lot of guys…  so chances are good that she probably has dated a Chris before. Oops.


In a weird spin, one of my readers reminded me that I wrote an entry about a year ago about using the same common baby names to your advantage as an advanced pick up move here.

Terms of endearment part 1
Katie G part 1: Friday, the piano bar night
Katie G part 2: Saturday, Boston night
Katie G part 3: Sunday night, the calm before the storm
Katie G part 4: Blackout. The end.
Katie G part 5: Flower-filled outrage
Where did the name Sophia come from?


4 thoughts on “On romance and baby names

  1. lol. I only dated jeremys for a decade. I think your rule was so much better than mine! Also My name is faith and i have met four of me so I think you will find ho’s to get at

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