Last minute DC trip – hope to see you guys!

One year ago, on July 1st, I started at Brown. “Great,” you say, “I really don’t care.”

Anyways, this is relevant to you because I have personal/vacation days which expire this July 1 if I don’t use them. Therefore, I am heading down to DC from June 27 to June 30. I’ll be arriving at 6:30 PM on Wednesday at Union Station and leaving at 12 PM on Saturday. I hope that a few of yall DC folks can swing by – it’d be great to catch up. If you don’t have my number anymore, just Facebook-message me.

Since most of my friends have a 2-year old’s attention span, I have made this helpful comic:

I realize that some of you can’t meet up because it was so late. I’m sorry about the last-minute heads up, but I myself didn’t even know I was going to DC until yesterday. I had to cancel another trip I had planned, but I already had taken those days off.



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