An absence note

It’s been almost six months (!!) since I last updated my blog. I wish my absence note was as good as this one..

As y’all know, this blog is about trying to hilariously recount my successful and failed adventures. I guess they’re mostly fail stories because they tend to be funnier. So while they are entertaining, I have been informed by more than a few ladies that continuously writing in a public blog with all my thoughts on it “is probably not, um, the best idea.” And even though I at least make an attempt to hide identities, most of my friends can pick out who I am talking about. In fact, I have 2 friends who regularly do this and have, in fact, made a game out of it. I should start calling them Sherlock Holmes.

Don’t worry though. I have misadventures often enough that I’ve decided that my exploits will still be documented albeit at least a few weeks later than the actual event. I guess you could say I am just developing a bank of stories by instituting a waiting period. Also, I have decided to wait at least as long as it takes to gather enough stories to be able to mix up the chronological order too.



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