Katie G part 2: Saturday, the Boston night

Earlier in the week, on Tuesday, Mike and I decided to get the guys (Me, Josh, Mike, and Matt) together and spend Saturday night out in Boston. Now, Beantown is only an hour away by the train. So the final decision was pretty much on a complete whim and was really last-minute. For example, we didn’t book our hotel room until we were literally en route to the city. We ended up scoring a sweet room at the Omni Parker House hotel which is right in the heart of the city. I still can’t believe that we got that room – that place is usually incredibly expensive to the point of being exclusive. It was a sign from Heaven.

Now, remember in part 1 of this story, last night that Katie and Sophia told us that they were spearheading a group into Boston. In combination with the previous night’s late “adventures”, we were certainly not opposed to meeting up with them in the city. Well, mostly Josh was. I was still unsure how to feel about Katie, given her relationship baggage.

While on the train up to Boston, I am texting Sophia, trying to determine their group’s plans. The girls were already in town, had been since really early – like 3 PM or something (which is basically when I got back from the gym). Anyways, they were getting ready to go out to Faneiul Hall. Oh, and really casually, Sophia sends me a text

Real subtle text messaging, Sophia..

As you can imagine, this puts me in quite the situation. Not sure what to think: I like hanging out with her and speaking, but that doesn’t change the fact that she literally just got out of a relationship. I don’t want to be her rebound – I’m not trying to just be friends with benefits. As y’all know, I am hard-core romantic and I’d rather date her.

Well, I mean, I wouldn’t complain about being FWBs, I guess.

We end up meeting them up in the Faneuil Hall area. We are at a bar and they came and met us up.  It’s Katie, Sophia, another kickball girl plus a couple they knew previously. I immediately start concentrating on Katie while Josh is making moves on Sophia. Mike and Matt are roaming around the area but mostly in the vicinity of me and Josh.

Remember that Mike and Matt both have GFs, so they’re looking to just drink and rock out on the dance floor. As the night wears on, the place is starting to tank: picking up more guys than girls. So, after making sure Josh and I were ok, Mike and Matt decide to go to a different spot because it was kinda turning into Sausagefest 2012.  After all, while girls dance with each other – guys don’t like dancing with other guys.

So I’m having a blast talking with Katie, she was/is effortlessly hilarious and refreshingly mature. While she was somewhat reserved whenever we had spoken before, I feel like the alcohol was loosening both of us up. Also, it was way easier to listen when she wasn’t bawling (yet).

We were having a great time and starting to get comfortable around each other, making all sorts of eye, lip, and body contact. Eventually my bladder gets the best of me, so I excuse myself briefly to use the washroom and to get a couple more drinks for us.

As I return, I see that another dude is talking to Katie – which would be fine, but he was definitely starting to get into her personal bubble. So I grab the drinks and head over, hoping that it was a fluke or something. But no such luck, Katie was pretty drunk. And on the way over, I watched as this guy went to kiss her neck. Again, it seemed like Katie really didn’t know what was going on.  Sophia and other kickball girl were absolutely shocked and asked me, “WTF is going with Katie?”

Well, now I had no choice. I’m not trying to be possessive or whatever, but Katie was mine (at least compared to that dude). So as I brush past Sophia, I say, “Josh, get my back.” I’m kinda regretting the decision of not sticking together with 4 dudes (with Mike and Matt) instead of just 2 now.

And so I asked this guy what he thought was doing and without waiting for his answer, I tell this guy I really don’t care what he was doing, I didn’t like it, and he was going to need to move away from her. And then I got impatient again, so I just grabbed him by the collar and moved him to the side. I didn’t shove him or anything. Just sort of side-stepped around him.

By this time, this guy has kind of recovered and is cursing up a storm. I’m ok with that, then he takes a swing with his left hand at me. I calmly duck, get around him to his left side, away from his strike, assuming that was his dominant side got under it and around him. I put him into a pretty tight standing half-nelson chokehold. I assumed this would be enough to end the situation.

But I quickly found out he was quite proficient with his right hand. So much for dominant siding. Anyways, he got a nice little jab in to the side of my head. I managed to dodge a little bit of it, he only grazed my orbital bone but he drew blood. Anyways, he starts to pass out. So I put my leg up into a triangle to complete the body triangle and to cushion the fall. This diagram shows what a body triangle is..

While a body triangle is pretty vicious, it is designed for one-on-one fights. This puts me in a very vulnerable position to outside interference, so I’m just praying that Josh indeed is going to keep this guy’s buddy away from me. Anyways, I feel a set of hands and I’m like, “Well, I’m about to have my ribcage broken from kicks” (Thanks Josh).

Thank heavens, it was actually security – Josh had successfully restrained his buddy until security got there (Thanks Josh).

Anyways, I obviously get escorted out of the bar. Last I saw of Katie as I got thrown out of the bar that night, her face was contorted in a strange combination of shock and sobbing. The guy was starting to regain his senses and was spewing the standard string of expletives. I just shrugged and walked away – Katie was safe, I didn’t want to deal with this idiot dude.

Ok, so that’s the story of the right side of my head. The other head wound didn’t actually occur until the next day. And it’s pretty much just as crazy.


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