Katie G part 3: Sunday night, the calm before the disaster

After Saturday night, we wake up Sunday morning and check out of the hotel with no incident. As we’re on the train back to Providence, I get my first text from Katie (I’ve always just texted Sophia). Katie says something to the extent of “Hey just want you to have my number” and  “Last night’s behavior is not representative of me.”

I tell her it’s ok, we all have our crazy nights (well, I know I have). I tell her I want to see her again.


That night.

I told y’all it was fast and furious. I don’t really care about this at this point: I need to clarify if it really is just one crazy night or if I need to invest more money in my life insurance.

Yeah, there’s a secret lesser-known sequel.

Ok, so again, the girls have left way earlier than us. They are already home and settled in by the time we get to the train station. So I ask her to get some drinks after I get back from Boston. I tell her I will call her when I’m headed over.

I swing by Campus Liquor to pick up two bottles of wine – one red and one white. Honestly I can’t remember which one she likes, but I want to do something thoughtful, so instead of vintage I go with year: 2010 wine because that’s her graduation year. Sweet, Howard is working there tonight. Anyways, I tell him, “Hey I need two wines from 2010.”

SIDENOTE 1: Yes, I am friends with the owner of the liquor store. I swear I’m not an alcoholic I’m just friendly. I’m offering free advertising for his website on HLC!!

SIDENOTE 2: 2010 was the her graduation year FROM COLLEGE, guys. It’s kinda ridiculous that I have to clarify that one. You are gross for thinking that. On second thought, I guess that would make her 20, so that’s actually not that bad.. But hey, there’s another way that Katie’s a complete wild card.. Not one girl close to her in the top 5.

Fast forward 20 minutes. I get to her door, take a deep breath, when all of a sudden I hear burst of giggling from inside. But it’s clearly two voices. Hmm. I mean, I didn’t get a CORN text or anything, but I figured it’d be just her. This was a definite a curve ball. I can handle this, so I knock on the door.

When she opened the door, she was wearing something simple: a pair of jeans and a Providence College t-shirt. Like I said, earlier in part 1 – and I still say now – she’s a no-sweat natural. I’d seen her at kickball and I knew those legs went on forever. Those jeans were only fanning my imagination. Needless to say, I was pretty happy with myself for meeting her.. and that was before she fixed those shiny Blues on me..

The first thing I think is that those eyes are not good news, she’s single-handedly passing the S-test using only her gaze. Yes, I know this sounds like a stretch, but they’re somehow Sexy, Sweet, Silly, and Sassy. And now, I guess they’re now also a Stretch. What? A 5 point S-test? That’s something to make you stop and take notice.

The second thing I think is, “Man, I almost didn’t recognize her without eyes glimmering with brimming tears and mascara running down her face.”

Luckily, I didn’t blurt any of those things out loud. Thank heavens for inner thoughts and diaries (and secret blogs where you can say anything you want)!

She graciously accepts the wine and puts the wine on her counter, and offers me a beer instead. “Hmm. The white’s already chilled and the red is at the right temperature. Maybe she’s thinking we would drink it later, right? Sweet. Never mind, I’m probably over analyzing this as usual.”

This is somehow a real society. No joke. http://www.overanalysis.org/

So the three of us are sitting around chatting for maybe 45 minutes, I am slowly nursing a couple of beers. We’re all sitting around having a decently good time when Katie checks her phone and tells me that Josh and Sophia are meeting up at Bar Louie, which is pretty close to her apartment. Oh, how convenient, Sophia wants us to join them for a few drinks. Oh, how convenient, Katie’s friend “Was, like, about to leave in like 10 minutes anyways”, so she can drop us off there.

“So do you wanna go? I think that it’d be fun.”

I’m trying to get a quick read on the situation, so I fire off a text to Josh and try to further stall by excusing myself to use the restroom. I think this thing is somehow already in that weird limbo stage where you can’t say “no” to anything or you look like someone who doesn’t really know how to have fun.

Needless to say, Josh does not get back to me (Thanks Josh) and Katie asks me again, “So do you wanna go?” Obviously she wants to go for at least a little bit.

“Ok. Yeah. Let’s go meet them up.”

BAD DECISION. Sorry to put this off another post, but this post’s getting a little wordy, so you’ll have to wait until the next update!


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