Sunday night, the calm before Sandy (not Katie G version)

This post is a “calm before the storm” story about Sandy. This is slightly confusing because I just posted a “calm before the storm” story about Katie G. I did not plan that out. Wish I could say that I did – but I’m not that clever. And more importantly I don’t really plan ahead.

I’m going to go ahead and say that Katie > Sandy. So read it! I know I know.. I haven’t experienced the hurricane yet, but I’m judging this by Irene and what they said about that last year

WTF New England? 2 hurricanes in 2 years? I lived in Florida and we had one marginal tropical storm in 3 years. I mean, there are cities with Hurricane MASCOTS in Florida.

As most of y’all know, Hurricane Sandy is about to basically rape the entire Atlantic east coast of the US. After every other meterologist is saying that this is the worst-case scenario ever, I think the best part is this one nerd from the weather service who is saying, “We’re not trying to hype this.” Right, so why are there 10 million search results produced by Google which are quoting your colleagues forecasting Doomsday?

“Frankenstorm” is the best you could come up with? Really? #creativityfail

Just like Irene, everyone’s freaking out about the storm. We’ve been told repeatedly to buy nonperishable food – I swear there’s some kind of marketing deal between the meteorologists and bread farmers. So my friends and I have finally taken initiative and are trying to prepare (by buying Bottled Water). Living in the New England area, my Facebook page is swirling and churning (no pun intended) with hilarious stories, quotes, and pictures. Out of all the pictures being taken, this one wins. My friend went to get some bread this afternoon. I wanted to protect his privacy at least a little bit, so I edited his eyes out. But if you could see them, you could see that his eyes are filled with pure sadness.

Pure sadness

Speaking of pure passion and storms…

You want to see a real storm brewing? Ask any member of the UF football team. They are going to get absolutely ripped up this week. After that Florida/Georgia game, I’m guessing that Muschamp was slightly disappointed with the result. But at least we got to witness a newer, better incarnation of the Muschamp Face. Might be better than Teriyaki’s Muschamp Face. I’m not sure if you can tell, but he’s slightly angry in this video.

Muschamp: angry or not? Forecasters give it a 90% chance.

I’d hate to be Burton right now, I think I’ll take Sandy instead.



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