Katie G part 5: Flower-filled outrage.

I don’t know whether to call it divine intervention, but I felt like God had punched me in the forehead for a few days after the incident. And God was saying “SLOW DOWN.” So, obviously I’m gonna listen.

Anyways, on Tuesday, after talking to Maria, I heard how she had went to the ED (without me), had finally a CT series and gotten back that morning at 4 AM. I totally could’ve gotten her in faster. Anyways, I got over my annoyance. I called up the florist and asked them to deliver a nice flower arrangement to her. In the past, I bought J flowers 3 or 4 times a month for 3 years – I know my way around a florist shop. Don’t judge me, dudes. Trust me, it’s come in handy.

In fact, get ready because I’m about to drop some major floral knowledge on most of y’all.

Well, I didn’t know Katie long enough to find out her favorite flower. That would’ve made it way easier – I would’ve just gotten those. Instead, I had to think of an appropriate arrangement. Well, as long as they are yellow, any flower can technically be friendship-based. There’s a ton of naturally yellow flowers (daisies and sunflowers being the best example of these).

Don’t get this many though. That’s just creepy.

You wouldn’t think it, but it turns out that roses are actually perfect for this situation. To explain, roses are frequently colored red, pink, white, or yellow. In order to send a “romantic” message, a rose absolutely needs to be red or white – pink is borderline. Anyways, that leaves only yellow for any other messages like friendship. Also, as a bonus, yellow roses are easily accessible at any half-decent florist.

At first, I decided to just go with a straight bouquet of yellow roses. Ok, I know ladies love getting flowers, but I don’t think most girls understand the symbolism behind them – granted most dudes do not go around buying roses for their messages (unless the message is “No pants dance. Now.. Twice.”).

This most certainly includes Katie judging by what I’d heard of her past limited dating life. First, she didn’t get flowers enough – certainly not as many as she deserved. Secondly, it doesn’t sound like these guys took the time to understand this gesture and did it out of pure obligation.

Bottom line: yellow roses would be misinterpreted as an aggressive move. And I didn’t recall seeing many vases there – maybe distracted by the stationary again. To be safe, I decided to go with a nice vase filled with Gerbera daisies, sunflowers, and whatever extra embellishments the florist would throw in there.

Ok, I contacted the florist on Tuesday afternoon, immediately after I found out from Sophia/Maria about Katie’s 4 AM return. I called her apartment’s front desk, asked them to let me know when they arrived and also when she got them too.

So I was expecting a call on Tuesday from Katie. Well, I didn’t end up receiving either a call from Katie. I was confused and a little pissed honestly.

So I called the florist on Wednesday, who said the flowers didn’t get delivered that night because they didn’t get the arrangement finished until after the delivery driver had already left. Ok fine. I get a text from the apartment complex shortly after that saying they had the flowers and had let her know to come get a delivery. A few hours later, they sent me a quick text saying she picked them up.

Ok, so she got the flowers Wednesday afternoon/evening.

Katie’s a nice girl, so I was more than a little surprised I didn’t even get an acknowledgement within an hour of her picking them up (yet another example of text messaging torture). As the night wore on, I got less surprised and more annoyed.

Nothing else the next day on Thursday.

By Friday morning, I had developed a full head of steam. I had expected a call on Tuesday, granted she didn’t get them until Wednesday (so that’s not her fault, but I still was pissed about it). I wanted to hear from her: a phone call would be great, but I guess a text would be ok too.

So, I was pretty insulted that she hadn’t taken any action. Ok, so I realize that she was still in the whole no-contact mode, but I invested money, time, and thought into that gift. She can take one minute to send out a quick text saying she got them. Is this too much to ask? That she acknowledge them? I don’t think so. At least recognize the act. I mean, even if you don’t like the person, at least respect them.

(Sorry, if you think this is bad, you should’ve seen me at the actual time it occurred. Not pretty.)

Like I said, I think this all stems (no pun intended) from the fact that I just wanted to hear from her. I wanted to hear directly from her that she was okay. AGH. Anyways, she sends me a flipping Facebook message (not a text or, heaven forbid, a call) on Friday at 3.


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