Grouper: An introduction

So for those of y’all that know me well, you know I poke a lot of fun at people who try online dating. I firmly believe in true love, romance and if-it’s-meant-to-be.

Well, I am always trying to expand my boundaries and was considering going going on a Grouper. Since I had no idea what a Grouper was until I read it on Barstool, I’ll explain the concept.. If you live close to an eligible city – they are operational in NYC, Chicago, Boston, LA, Miami, Philadelphia, Seattle, Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, DC, San Francisco, and Toronto – you hook up your Facebook account to the website. And then using some matching process, if you’re lucky, Grouper finds a pairing for you. Anyways, it sets you up on a blind date [awkward]. You have absolutely no idea who you’re going with and no idea where you’re going to. However, the unique twist on this is that you pick two friends to go with you. And your match picks two friends too. So it’s a group date [wayyy less awkward].


The Grouper website is full of hilarious anecdotes and tons of tagged pictures. So I spent about 15 minutes skimming a bunch of the stories and decided it would probably fit right into my personal bag of ridiculous experiences. Joining Grouper isn’t exactly a pioneering adventure because when I asked around, a surprisingly large percentage of my friends had tried it with varying degrees of success – mostly positive though.

So I signed up. Eh, what could be the harm? I might not even get matched up anyways..

I was also skeptical when I found out they don’t let you see any pictures of anyone in the other group. Ever. Like, you legitimately do not get to see them until you get there. It’s completely blind. So yeah. That could go really badly for so many reasons.

We soon discovered that the location is not released to you until the night before. Now keep two things in mind: First, the Grouper city is Boston, not Providence, so that means we have to drive an hour to get to Boston proper. And when someone says “Boston” it can be anywhere in like a 15 mile radius. And it’s pretty much a given that parking will be either impossible or insanely expensive. Or both I guess.

Second thing to keep in mind is that for some reason, Boston Groupers choices are either Wednesday or Thursday – that’s it. Well it’s not like anyone has to work the next day. OH WAIT.. Whatever, I think either of these things separately would have been ok, but together yeah.. not so much.

This post was just meant to introduce Grouper to you, sorry no crazy story this week. Don’t worry they’re there. They say you never forget your first. Just to make sure, I am in the process of writing up my experience.


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4 thoughts on “Grouper: An introduction

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