CMB Part 2: Big Dogged

So basically, after delivering one of the lines of the century to CMB, I was pretty sure that I was all set to go with this chick. A little more game worked in and I’d be golden. So, the next day me and some of the guys from the cellerbration went out and we were just hanging out. Rover (yep, same one in the Sophia post) observed that dodgeball / kickball was turning out to be a lot more fun than we thought it would be.

I agreed enthusiastically, “Yeah man. I totally was not expecting this. It’s turning out to be one of the things I look forward to during the week. Plus, the chicks man.. They are automatically awesome for joining a dodgeball league.”

One of Rover’s roommates continues, “On top of that they almost always come to the afterparties and it’s not like in a normal bar where everyone is guarded. Basically if you’ve got a league shirt, everyone is fair game.”

So I excitedly tell them about my CMB line and I’m like, “Yeah we’ll see where it goes. She’s a cutie on the [color omitted] team.”

Rover’s eyes flare open, he turns pale, and he’s like, “Oh sh*t, are you talking about [CMB]?”

“Oh boy,” I say. Guess who’s been hanging out for the past couple of weeks?

Small world. Well, small league. Honestly I feel like I for some reason was not surprised by this. I got big dogged by Rover. (What is big dogging?)


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3 thoughts on “CMB Part 2: Big Dogged

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