Allow me to be the first to introduce Dr. and Mrs. Attack.

In probably a year or so, Attack and Lala will be getting married because they got engaged today!


Hopefully Attack will continue to churn out photographic gems like this..

Remember, I was the one who set them up together. It’s actually kind of a funny story: I lied to both of them straight up and tricked them into going on a date because I thought they’d be good together. So when Attack called me he basically said, “Hey man. I just wanted to say thanks for lying to my face because I ended up meeting my wife.”

Hence the title of this post. The classic wedding reception introduction of the bride and groom. However, I was the first to introduce them (I win, wedding MC/DJ/band). Probably the highlight of my life so far. I introduced two people who turned out to be much better of a match than I could have ever imagined.

THIS is what romance is. THIS is what I want. Don’t need no stinking Grouper or online dating. Although to be fair, this blog would not really exist without me failing at dating. Either way, I am so freaking pumped.

They got engaged on Thursday. I’ve known about the whole thing since Wednesday and I’ve been ready to burst with the secret. I am still not sure how T-Rex figured it out. Well, it’s not that secret. The whole moved-in-together thing kind of gave that one away. Plus they were two of the charter founding members of the esteemed Friday Night Drinking Club. So you get two proven winners like that, their relationship is gonna succeed at anything.

I started this post on Wednesday in order to distract myself while I tried to keep my excitement secret. I decided to put together a slideshow of pictures and embed Green Day’s “Time of your Life” (How I Met Your Mother reference there). That plan failed pretty quickly since I couldn’t figure out how to embed music on this crappy blog. Then I figured it out, but I couldn’t remember my iTunes password to download the song. Then I remembered I’m a sappy romantic and that would result in me shedding a tear or two. So I decided not to risk an awkward situation.


2007 – San Francisco trip with Livermore interns


2007 – After buying tickets from SFO to LAX instead of LAX to SFO, Attack was stranded at the airport. So we had a sleepover in LAX.


2008 – Ann Arbor 5k/10k


2008 – Beautiful rainy day at the Big House.


2008 – Thanksgiving break


2009 – FNDC Gainesville meeting


2010 – Livermore reunion at a nuclear engineering conference


2011 – Halloween – the Burrito incident happened about 2 hours later.


2012 – FNDC Washington, DC meeting

I am so excited for you two to take the next step in your life together. I can think of no better match – obviously, other than me and Taylor Swift.




Bros forever.

It’s ok. I almost cried too.

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