T-shirt canon (sic)

Before you think, “Oh Chris, you mispelled canon, you’re an idiot” you can go ahead and SHUT YOUR FACE.

Chew on this. I meant “caNon” not caNNon in the title to emphasize the art involved (You know, like Pachabel’s Canon..?) instead of referring to a dual-purpose hotdog launcher-tshirt cannon. Although I will readily admit that the hotdog launcher is like the #8 innovation of the 2000’s. Almost as sweet as the concept of the Tacocopter, which is still the pinnacle of human innovation.

cannon vs canon

Ok that’s out of the way..

So I was at the gym a few nights ago and I had a gym buddy observe, “You know, I’ve always wondered why all your shirts have a 4 on them.”

“Well that’s my number. I mean, it’s just for when I am playing on some sort of team.” I respond.

He makes a confused face, “How many teams are you on?!”

And then I thought about it. You know – I actually have a ton of gym shirts, like at least 30 – from intramurals, volunteering, Ann Arbor Soccer League, or random one-time events. And any time I get a choice, I have my #4 on the back. This brought me back to thinking about shirts that I’ve designed and got me nostalgic. So I picked a few of my favorites off Facebook. To qualify for these pictures, someone actually has to be wearing the shirt.

In no particular order..


Relay for Life 2011


Relay for Life 2011

photo (5)

FNDC front (yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy)


FNDC back (don’t ask)


FNDC meeting 2008


FNDC meeting 2009


FNDC meeting 2009

photo (3)

American Nuclear Society soccer 2007

image (2)

UF Nuclear Engineering flag football 2009


UF Nuclear Engineering flag football 2010

UF nuclear

UF Nuclear Engineering flag football team 2010


Rabbits kickball 2012 – original blue version


DMIGYAT dodgeball 2013

Ok ok. I didn’t design the dodgeball shirt. I just wanted a picture of me with my buddy in an alligator suit (Yes, L, he has made a few cameos in previous Providence-based posts, but I’m not telling you which one he is).


PS. Thinking I don’t know the difference between canon and cannon. Such disrespect. Y’all don’t give me enough credit, thinking I’m as stupid as Falcon4Life or Shquonda. Screw yourself.

PPS. Don’t unsubscribe though.


6 thoughts on “T-shirt canon (sic)

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