Snowstorm Girls part 2 – Two girls two problems

So, a few months ago, all of the Northeast was bracing for the historic blizzard, Nemo. It was being billed as the largest storm in 80 years with hurricane-level winds and at least 3 feet of projected snowfall. Watches and warnings were issued in preparation for the storm, and state governors declared states of emergency in all states in New England and in New York. Flights at many major airports across the region were canceled, and travel bans were put into place on February 8 in several states. I didn’t even know travel bans existed!


Anyways, yeah, much like my Irene strategy, I went and bought my trusty “emergency weather survival kit” (patent pending). This consists of 2 30-racks of beer, 2 handles of whiskey, maybe some wine, and if there’s money left, this kit will maybe include some water…. usually, I’ll opt for mixers instead of water.

Then, as per storm protocol, I started calling around seeing who had the best blizzard party going. This one was going to be particularly tricky because there was a travel ban. So people literally could (and did) get arrested for driving. I finally found a party nearby, put on my snow gear, loaded one case on my shoulder and began the trek. It was insane: you couldn’t see two feet in front of you and since everyone was huddled in their houses, every single step was into fresh snow about a foot deep.


Anyways, I got to the house and it was a great atmosphere. There was already a sizeable number of people there and I actually knew most of them.  After a getting settled in, I started throwing texts out to everyone including the Snowstorm Girls to let them know the party was good. I had two issues to deal with the Snowstorm Girls. My first problem was that I did not put their names into my phone, they were listed as Cute Blackout #1 and Cute Blackout #2 in my phone. Like I completely did not know their actual names because I was too hammered (I do remember them both passing my S-test). So all my texts would need to be carefully worded. If I got the opening I was going to try to get them to mention the other’s name.

My second problem was that stupid travel ban. I wasn’t sure how far away they lived from the blizzard party. If either one of them had any reservations about coming to hang out, that would for sure be an easy excuse. And I would have no way to get around it. So it’d be over before it ever started.


So many problems!

Actually, they both responded almost instantly. One of them said, “Sure! That sounds fun I’ll see if my bff wants to go.” And the second one said, “Oh we were both actually trying to find something to do. That sounds great.”

Well, I guess the travel ban problem isn’t gonna be an issue. But not knowing names is still a large problem. And I need to figure them out fast because I can’t just tell the host that my friends are coming over. “No I don’t know their names, I just remember they are just cute.” Yep. Not shady at all right?

Well we continued texting and I finally caught a break when one was like “Oh [actual name #1] is driving over, we will leave soon.” So I texted Cute Blackout #1 and said “Do y’all have drinks?” and she replied, “[actual name #2] bought some earlier but she is taking forever!!”


Problems solved. Boom!

Ok, that’s enough for now. Part 3 will cover what happens when they got to the party. But now you know the exact moment they went from “Cute Blackout chicks” to the “Snowstorm Girls.”


PS: What is with my luck? I got here and within a few months, I had to endure Tropical Storm (not quite Hurricane) Irene. Then earlier this year, Hurricane Sandy made landfall (to be fair, Sandy wasn’t too bad by the time it got here).

Snowstorm Girls part 3 – The party

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