Snowstorm Girls part 3 – The party

So let’s fast forward to the party. Snowstorm Girls both arrive and are looking great.. Well the parts that I can see of them. Keep in mind that they were absolutely decked out in snow gear. One of them had this giant hat on – which was funny, but somehow cute. The other one had ski goggles on – which was even more ridiculous, but she pulled them off as well. So I guess you could say they looked good as soon as they took off their Eskimo gear.


Anyways, a large group of us are sitting around playing Cards Against Humanity. If you haven’t played it, I’d recommend it. However, I’ve only played the game a few times but I think the entertainment level is highly dependent on the level of alcohol consumption as well as the people you are playing against. Keep in mind, everyone who walks in the door has brought a case at this point. So naturally, with a stockpile of alcohol, the game was getting more and more rowdy.


.. But our version was more dirty and less racist

Over the course of the night, one of the Snowstorm Girls was being unnecessarily close to me. She would always be sitting next to me, kept putting her hand on my leg, and doing that thing chicks do where they laugh and “accidentally” keep touching your arms. Like, I realize it’s probably not an accident after you do it like 30 times and then each time you leave your hand there for like 5 minutes.


Anyways, I needed a way to see if I was imagining things so I would get up to get refills and pick a different seat. Within 10 minutes, she would be sitting next to me again. We kept having nice conversations – she went to the University of Michigan (!) and overall just had the same sense of humor as me. Plus she laughed at my jokes. More importantly, she was blonde and pretty. So yeah, that sealed the deal.

Anyways, the party was going great. Then out of nowhere, someone started screaming, “SLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDING!! Let’s all go sledding!! SLEDDING!!!” Everyone, in unison, turns towards the windows. At this point, there’s at least two feet of snow on the ground and there are no signs of the snow stopping.

Snowstorm Girl turns towards me smiling and giggles, “Hey that sounds fun! Let’s go sledding. Can we go? Please can we go?”

Drunken sledding in a zero-visibility night to impress a chick? .. what could go wrong? 

Nikki Tripputi

Snowstorm Girls part 4 – Into the storm


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