Snowstorm Girls part 4 – Into the storm

“Sledding? Yeah that sounds awesome. Let’s do it!!”

It’s a divided room. Some people are afraid to go sledding because it’s “dangerous;” some want to stay in and play cards; some just want to drink; and some want to sleep. Whatever, the Snowstorm Girls start putting their stuff on.


I see Snowstorm Girl #2 walk up to my buddy Larry* ask him a question and give him the biggest set of Bedroom Eyes I’ve ever seen in my life – he immediately starts getting ready too. I’d noticed them talking earlier, but I didn’t think he had a good chance (or enough game) to close. I caught his glance and gave him a look of approval. We both nodded in that way that bros do and continued getting ready.


I slam down my current drink figuring I could use a little beer jacket too. I start the elaborate process of putting my snow clothes on: leggings, sweat pants, track pants, snow pants, Underarmor turtleneck, wicking shirt, long-sleeved t-shirt, another wicking shirt, sweater, fleece, inner jacket coat, snow coat, gloves, and hat. And I also grabbed literally as many cans of beer as I could.

So let’s take an inventory here. In addition to my emergency whiskey flask in my shirt pocket, I have: one in each side of my snowpants (2), two in each waist pocket of my snow coat (4), one in each upper pocket of my snowcoat (2), and one in my left hand (1). I would’ve had another in my right hand, but I wanted at least one free hand.


I felt like this hamster, but instead of hoarding food, I was stockpiling alcohol. Alcohol is more important for surviving storms than food. C’mon hamster, everyone knows that!!

You’d think that with all this snow gear and alcohol I would look like ridiculous, but actually this is what I am used to wearing for skiing. Considering how warm I was, I actually didn’t look too bad. Here’s what the three of us looked like (I know I know, I reused the picture from Part 3).


So we are finally all ready and a group of us sets out to go sledding. We are chugging beers as we make slow progress towards Fox Point, where the hills are. Now keep in mind that I can’t see more than 1 foot in front of me. I can see the faint outline of a person in front of me, but I’m concentrating on drinking my beers because carrying 9 beers on your actual body was getting a little uncomfortable. Trust me.

Halfway through chugging my third or fourth beer in the blizzard I look around and realize that it is only me and Snowstorm Girl #2 (not the one I’d been talking to). Uh oh. I think it dawned her that following me was probably not the best idea. I’m trying to figure out how to find Larry and my Snowstorm Girl –

All of a sudden I get tackled into a snowbank.

It wasn’t a particularly hard hit, but it surprised me. I shake my head to clear the stars and look up as my attacker mounts me. I am ready to punch somebody in the face (y’all know I’m always down for brawling). Then I make out an outline and my realize that this “attacker” couldn’t have weighed more than 120 pounds and was giggling. Plus, just the way she carried herself, was super feminine. Then I peer forward and I see a familiar pair of ski goggles. Well there’s my Snowstorm Girl.

(I came to find out later that she had purposely hid from me and then waited until I was in front a large pile of snow before she tackled me. Oh ok. How thoughtful. Scared the life out of me.)


Anyways, she’s sitting on top of me giggling gleefully, so proud of her successful takedown. I let her know that I’m going to put her on her back. I mean, at this point she doesn’t know I have Ju-Jitsu experience. Well, she smirks and actually tries to counter this by leaning in close to reduce my leverage.

I pull her even closer as I prepare to flip her over, but I am surprised when she grabs my jacket by the collar with both her hands. I manage to twist her body away from mine long enough to complete the rotation. Because she had gripped my body with her legs out of instinct, the result of my reversal rotation is her face inches away from mine. She leans in even closer as I rip her goggles off and push her hood away.

There we are: face to face, close enough that I can feel her warm breath pushing through the cold space between us. And the snow pouring down all around us. I can’t see or hear anything except her.

Timeout: can we say Notebook – Snow version (Katie  was the “Apartment version”). And it is – it’s Nicholas Sparks – well except the whole “rip her goggles off.”


I pause for a moment to just take in the moment. That’s when it hits me, I really like this girl. A lot. So y’all know me – that’s pretty much crippling. I want to treat her right. Believe me, the passion was there, but I liked her. My thinking was that I don’t want to give her the impression I just go around making out with random chicks in snowbanks.

Yes, I realize that is a stupid thought process now. But at the time – whatever, I blame it completely on the alcohol.

Anyways, she was giving me bedroom eyes which no guy could resist for longer than a few seconds. So I reluctantly begin to untangle myself from her arms, brush off the snow, and attempt to also brush off the moment. Honestly, I still don’t know if I was the only one who experienced that rush. We’ve never really talked about it.

At this point, the snow has let up a little bit, so we can see a little bit down the roads. Probably 10-12 feet. So I get re-oriented and we keep walking towards the other Snowstorm Girl’s apartment.

Along the way, I kept picking her up, throwing her into random snowbanks and walking away laughing. Within 10 seconds, I could hear her running to catch up to me and she would jump onto my back. But I would just carry her for a little bit. Her hair was getting all crazy and would fall into my face. And it smelled good.

Sidenote: I don’t know how girls do it – they always smell good. Like they could not shower for days after going to the gym and still smell amazing. It’s uncanny.

Again, I didn’t want to give her the wrong impression so I was extremely anxious that I would not be able to control myself once we got into an isolated and more intimate environment. Like, for example, at the other Snowstorm Girl’s apartment!


Bonus points if you can name this apartment complex.

Anyways, we get there and we all continue drinking. I am trying to figure out a way to leave graciously so I don’t jump on her. It was like a respect sort of thing I guess. If I just wanted to get some action I am pretty sure I could’ve made it happen.

By the grace of God, my friend calls me panicking, “DUDE I can’t find my keys I am locked out in the snowstorm.” So there’s my reason to leave. I quickly excuse myself and run back into the blizzard and he crashes on my couch. Let me clarify, I would have run back even if I wasn’t in this situation. That’s just me. I’m a regular blizzard-saver. But this one was extremely fortunate timing for me.

Unfortunately, there’s not much more to the story with the original Snowstorm Girl. I tried to contact both of them the next morning but I didn’t end up talking to either of them for awhile. I don’t know – it sucks. I regret not being more aggressive with her, but at the same time I look back and am proud of my conduct with such a pretty lady.

Ok, so why did I post this series? This is so depressing! Well, remember there were two of them. Things somehow developed with #2, and so the Snowstorm Girls saga continues. The rest of it is way less sappy and more my misadventure style.

Part 5 coming up soon!


PS. Someone suggested I add another “S” to my infamous S-test.. Snowstorm? I thought this was hilarious. Thank you for your creativity. I can never get over how creative y’all are.

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