Katie G: Part 7, More confusion

After not seeing Katie for a few months after Part 6, I end up running into her, Maria, and Sophia at Fat Belly’s. I asked her if I could talk to her and she reluctantly went with me out of the crowded bar area. We walked over to the stairwell and we spent literally 30 minutes just sitting in the stairwell while I explained what had happened. She seemed to understand that it was a giant fluke.

Anyways, the next day, I text Katie “Hey let me take you out to lunch” around 10:45 AM and then rush out the door to play frisbee. Some of the frisbee players make plans to meet up to watch the Pats football game at Snookers.

When I return to my house, I find two text messages from her. The first one comes at maybe 11 AM saying “I don’t think that’s a good idea” Then about two hours later, her second one says “Do you watch football?” .. Um, way to send conflicting signals there ma’am.


Anyways, I decide to go for it and I look up the football schedule for that day, specifically the Ravens – which started at 1 PM so I’m guessing it’ll probably finish by 4 PM. It’s about 2:30 by this point, so I text her back saying, “Hey yeah. I’m actually meeting up with some friends at Snookers to watch the Pats game already, but if we go early maybe we can catch the last quarter of the Baltimore game.” Instead of texting me, she calls me up and says that the whole thing is a good idea.


2012 Week 6 game – Ravens playing KC

I grab a cab over to her place, scoop her up, and I guess you could say we were on our first date?

We get to Snookers where I’m guessing OC is gonna be at. He’s from Wisconsin. So of course he loves the Packers. Green Bay was playing the early game this Sunday as well and I’m right: he’s sitting there in his GB jersey. Me and Katie go find him and sit down at the table. She immediately orders a 40 oz beer without even looking at the menu: uh ok, she’s obviously been here before.. and she prefers beer too? I’m liking this girl more and more.

While catching the last quarter of the 1 PM slate, I get a text from my frisbee buddies saying they’ve gotten to Snookers and have gotten their table. So we eventually amble on over there. There’s a pair of seats open, right across from each other, at the end of the table. I’m thinking this is a perfect set-up – we will be able to talk but still be able to socialize with the group. So we’re sitting around and talking about nothing too serious.

Oh, I should mention she’s been checking her phone every 5 minutes since I saw her. I think she’s a compulsive phone-checker, although 50% of the time, she would fire off a quick text to someone. I’m still not sure how I feel about this. She’s essentially having a side conversation with someone(s) else. This is definitely a turn-off: I make it a point to not check my phone that often or at least discretely check my phone (like when I’m using the washroom).


Anyhow, everyone’s having a good time. Then she gets a text and says that her college soccer coach is coming to this bar. I will call him Coachy McSoccerson. She says she wants to talk to him. At this point, I’m thinking, “Do other people find it weird that he has your number? Or maybe I’m the only one..” But then she explains that there was a game earlier this morning, she debated going (but chose me instead? good sign!). But she was talking to Sophia who said Coachy was gonna be at Snookers and she was going to come too.

Ten minutes later, Coachy shows up at Snookers. He’s a younger dude, probably around 40 and Katie gets up to say hi. They are talking for a little bit, maybe 5 or 10 minutes when she comes back and tells me that Mrs. McSoccerson is running a little late so she says she doesn’t him to hang out all by himself, so she goes and they end up talking for about 20 minutes. Meanwhile, I am having fun socializing with the rest of my group. A few people have left. For example, OC was pissed that GB lost so he couldn’t handle it and left.

Mrs. McSoccerson shows up and a little bit after that, Katie comes over and we’re talking for a little bit (less than 5 minutes) when Sophia texts her. She comes and sits down next to me and asks me if it’s ok if she hangs out with the McSoccersons and Sophia. Yeah, she literally asked me for permission. I’m not sure what to say. I mean, obviously, I am going to say “ok” but more importantly, why is she asking me??

So, I try to say something like “I appreciate you asking me.. you’re not obligated to stay here with me and this group.. ”

Oh, and I also manage to slip in “I don’t know what your boyfriend does, but frankly I think it’s kind of odd that you are asking me to go to talk to someone.”

To which she responds, “We are not together anymore, why do you think I’m out with you?”


WOOHOOO!! Joy at the expense of someone’s suffering. Love it.. Anyways, I’m excitedly try to change the subject away from that awkwardly placed statement and I’m like, “Oh I’m sorry” (NOT) “I didn’t mean to bring up a sensitive topic” (NOT) “but yeah, you should go hang out with them for a little bit.” (NOT – well, sort of. Maybe like.. 30% NOT). So I’m thinking it’s gonna be a few minutes, 30 minutes max, right?


She went over in the first quarter of the game. Now, two hours later, the game had ended. Smh. I mean, me and my buddies were getting ready to leave at that point. She’s still over on the other side of the restaurant with the McSoccersons and Sophia. Now, I know women are confusing, but I’m beyond confused at this point – way to throw up more conflicting signals Katie. Am I just crazy for being absolutely unsure of what is going on?


So I saunter over there and tell her we’re leaving and we should meet up later. Keep in mind: it’s only around 8 PM AND mostly everyone has tomorrow off for Columbus Day.

So we go to my friend Rover‘s house. His roommate decides to start making food for us, starts tidying up the house, and pours us all some drinks. (Did I mention how much I want a female housemate?). So we’re settling in and getting ready to watch a movie when Katie calls me. I tell her we’re at Rover’s house – she should come over, we’re all having a few drinks, and going to chill before we hit it up for the rest of the night (remember, it’s only 8 at this time). Oh I should mention that Sophia definitely has a crush on Rover, which everyone already knows about already. Anyways, she agrees and asks me for Rover’s address. Score.

We’re settling in to watch the movie when about 10 minutes later I get a text from Sophia saying her and Katie are at their apartment complex and are drinking there. But asserts that her and Katie will not be coming over to Rover’s. They both want to go out immediately and if we want to meet up, we have to meet up at their place. Surprise surprise, more conflicting signals?

I tell them that I’m already here, it’s fun and that we can meet up later. We banter and bargain to no avail for another few minutes until Sophia texts me an ultimatum, “No come over here. Don’t ruin your chances with Katie.” WTF. That is possibly the most ominous thing she could reply. She definitely was manipulating me at that point. And unfortunately, it was working – my stomach turned over like a turtle in heat. So.. I had a decision to make. No doubt about it, I will choose my friends first over a woman.


So I stayed at Rover’s. I made plans and I’m not going to break them especially when it’s with a good buddy. Movie ends around 11:30. Prime time to hit up the bars. Rover decides to just crash for the rest of the night and so I head home to change from my gameday clothing to something more bar-appropriate. I shoot a text to Katie and Sophia and get one back but it’s not from the girls, it’s from Josh, who is just getting off work. Awesome.

Talk about good timing right? I tell him that I had made plans to meet up with Katie and Sophia tonight. Anyways, Josh tells me to get on Facebook and look at Sophia’s check-in, which says she is at Foxy. I’m not sure what that means, “What’s Foxy?” I ask, “Is it really far away or something? Why’re you laughing?” Turns out it is a gentleman’s club.


Yes, the girls are at a strip club.

So I’m obviously not going to meet up at a strip club. I mean, first of all, how am I expected to act? Really excited like “GET IT WOMAN GIMME THAT LAP DANCE AND SHOW ME THOSE TITTIES” or am I supposed to act demure, “Thank you for that display of your flexibility. I hope you don’t have spinal problems later due to your breast implants”. Anyways, yeah, I’m not sure how to act. And for sure, I’m not going to go completely out of my way to meet y’all out.

Anyways, Sophia, who one-word texts me, “Foxy” and then a few seconds later, “Come”.

So yes, I politely decline and promptly pass out.

The next morning I text, “Let’s go for a walk (or something equally as casual) today.”

Yeah, I know not throwing my best stuff out, but it was a gorgeous day out and I wanted to just stroll around town with a gorgeous girl. Plus I was still kind of groggy from the night before. Whatever, no excuses.

Anyways, she didn’t end up responding for a few months after that. This chick is majorly confusing (no date turns into date, asking for address turns into her ditching out), and it’s just not worth it to me anymore. I’ve already spent like 8 million hours typing up this story. But, yeah, I feel like getting these stories up for reading is my way of washing my hands of everything.

I know I eventually will see her since I still hang out with Sophia and Maria. I hope I can act appropriately friendly towards her.


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