Snowstorm Girls part 5 – Exhaustion

So, let’s recap from part 4 on everything I passed up on:

  1. Chance for the most intense and romantic first kiss (other notable runner-ups: HPC and KTG) ever .. didn’t do it.
  2. Chance to do make a move while we were still making our way to the girls’ apartment.. didn’t do it.
  3. Chance to strip down after getting into a warm apartment .. didn’t do it.
  4. Chance to continue drinking at apartment .. didn’t do it.

Yeah, perfectly reasonable that this chick doesn’t think I’m into her. Really hit the jackpot on that one, ma’am.. But at the time, I was!


Yes, I realize it should be ‘too.’ It’s not my image.

I texted them both the day after the storm, with no response back. So I only had limited contact with them during dodgeball and afterwards at Ladder. Now, a strange thing was happening during these limited interactions: I was beginning to dig the other Snowstorm Girl a lot more. She (#2) was just as cute as the first one. But she was overwhelmingly more fun to hang out with.

Anyways, one night I was at Fat Belly’s and texted her to come meet up. We had talked about hanging out outside of the dodgeball environment and I wanted to see if she was just willing to back up her talk. We end up flirting a lot and drinking and one thing leads to another. We decide to get out of the bar and just head back to her place to see what happens. Well, next thing I know, we are jumping into her bed…

.. And start watching some HIMYM. Now most people would consider this a bad thing, but I thought it was awesome!


The fact that she enjoys that show is yet another reason she is amazing in so many ways. Anyways, we watch probably one or two episodes, but I’m pretty tipsy at this point, so I am getting really tired. I start stripping down because I am not used to sleeping with clothes on (one of many perks of having no roommates). I decide it’s probably prudent to at least keep my boxers on, so I do that. But I’m almost completely naked. She raises an eyebrow while she changes into a more modest getup: the standard woman sleep attire of booty shorts and a huge shirt.

Well, she flips the lights out and she crawls into the bed. It was nice and warm under the sheets. We have been snuggling for awhile. So we are spooning and she turns around to face me, starts rubbing my arm and scratching my back lightly, which I personally LOVE. It’s a super hot move if done right – and she was doing it right. Anyways, she catches me just staring at her. She couldn’t have held my gaze longer than a split second, but she kind of blushed and looked away. After a second she leans in and puts her head onto my chest. Predictably, she smells amazing, all covered in hot-woman-smell. So at this point, I have a nice warm bed, a nice touch on my back, and it smells amazing.

So game time right? You’re like, “YEAH BRO DO IT!” I can feel myself falling hard. Not, like, falling like falling in love, but like falling asleep. I ain’t gonna win this battle. I wake up to spooning a sleeping (and presumably frustrated) woman in my arms. That’s right I fell asleep on a girl. Oops.


Sidenote: Ladies, let me just clarify, I did (and still do) find her attractive, I was just really tipsy and really tired – it wasn’t her. So it really can happen. And it does happen. I told a couple of buddies this story and they were surprised this was the first time for me!

Ok, so.. back to the story. Here I am, with a sleeping woman right next to me.

I didn’t really make it very clear, but we hadn’t kissed up to that point. So, at like, whatever time it was, I didn’t want to just start kissing her neck. And I certainly didn’t want to just flip her over to face me (like “HEY GOOD MORNING HOPE I DIDN’T SCARE YOU”)… But even if I did want to flip her – my arm was completely numb because it had presumably been under her in that little curve that every chick seems to have… But then again, she didn’t weigh enough where it would really be a huge problem… But she seemed so peaceful sleeping… But yeah. Anyways, so I was conflicted (awkward turtle anyone?) to say the least. I decided to just lay my head back down for a second and pass out. Like I said, she was overwhelming my senses: smell, sight, warmth, touch.

I am roused by her wiggling around a few hours later. I am trying to assess the situation. I’m sure she was probably frantically looking around trying to figure out what she was going to do too. But I couldn’t tell because she was facing away from me. Anyways, I am coming to my senses and am like, “Okay banging this chick out would not be something I could picture myself doing.” So I extract myself and excuse myself to use the washroom.

Anyways, we had some awkward banter and I make some lame reason to leave. So yeah, I found myself bailing from that apartment (again). Little did I know what life had planned for me right around the corner. Stay tuned, post coming next week!


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