Hi, I’m Chris. I am 27 and I can bench-press 300 pounds. I have a PhD and in June I will finish my clinical residency in radiation oncology at Brown University. If I ever met you at a bar, I wouldn’t tell you any of those things. You see, I am very good at convincing people that I am a blimp driver, jewel thief, a movie scenery scout, or a luthier (a dude who makes musical instruments).

I am a firm believer in true friends (bros) and that one day, I will meet Taylor Swift and marry her – or at least another Swiftie. Until then, I am blogging the funnier side of my life – chances are, they have to do with some failed lady-adventure.

Over the past years, complete strangers have asked me, “Why did you start blogging? Blogging is stupid.”

Thanks! Well, it was nice to meet you too.. But seriously, you know, I’m not sure why I started this blog. I know I am so grateful for all my fans. But you know, in a weird way, if you enjoy this blog, you’re getting laughs out of my growing pains. So, actually, I’m not sure what to think about your intentions. Thanks?

Well, whatever your motivation, I hope you find something you enjoy on this site. If you do, add me to your list of reads. Or don’t. Won’t change the way I write. Just STOP sending me my hate-mail.

Check out the “Best of” page to get you started.



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